The Council of Councils Fourteenth Regional Conference : Rio de Janeiro

Nov 5-7, 2023

On November 5-7, 2023, the Fundação Getulio Vargas and the Council on Foreign Relations co-hosted the Council of Councils fourteenth regional conference in Rio de Janeiro.

Participants discussed six major themes:

  • Increasing Conflict and the Future of World Order
  • Reshoring, Nearshoring, Friendshoring: The Impact on Economic Growth, Innovation, and Global Value Chains
  • Is a Green World a Safe World? Insights for New Geopolitical Approaches Toward the Energies of the Future.
  • Beyond Planet Earth: Who Controls Space? Outer Space Contestation and Collaboration.
  • Latin America in Regional and Global Trade Arrangements
  • The Age of Artificial Intelligence: Is Consensus Possible?

They also held a general meeting on "The Future of the World Order: Perspectives from the BRICS, the West, and Beyond."