Member Programs

National Program


CFR is truly a national organization, with a plurality of its membership based outside of New York and Washington, DC. The National Program provides a forum for these members across the country and around the world to discuss pressing foreign policy issues and contribute to CFR’s research.

Convening approximately one hundred on-the-ground sessions annually, the National Program is centered around roundtables that build on the expertise of CFR fellows, members, and community leaders. The National Program complements these in-person meetings with virtual programming, including interactive conference calls, teleconferences, and livestreams. Two large annual events, the National Symposium and the National Conference, bring together National members for networking and in-depth foreign policy discussions.

National Roundtables

The National Program conducts regular meetings for CFR members in ten cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, and London, United Kingdom. All National members are also welcome to attend New York and Washington, DC, meetings in person as their schedules permit.

Virtual Programming

The National Program also provides opportunities for National members to connect with CFR through virtual programming. The National Program hosts an interactive conference call series focused on current events specifically for National members. In addition, National members have access to New York and Washington, DC, meetings via teleconference or livestream.

Annual Events

The National Program convenes two large events each year: the National Conference in June at CFR's New York headquarters, and the National Symposium in December in Menlo Park, California.

The National Conference brings together members from across the country and around the world for two and a half days of discussions and networking with fellow members and other leading thinkers and practitioners. The conference is underwritten by a generous gift given in memory of Peter E. Haas from the Mimi and Peter Haas Fund.

The National Symposium, inaugurated in 2015, provides a unique opportunity for National members to connect on the West Coast and allows CFR to draw upon the extraordinary talent in the region.


To learn more about CFR’s National Program, please email [email protected].