Economic and Business Policy for the Post-Pandemic World

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Roger W. Ferguson Jr.
Roger W. Ferguson Jr.

Steven A. Tananbaum Distinguished Fellow for International Economics

About the Project

The COVID-19 crisis has created dislocations in almost every dimension of life, including having a major effect on the global economy and global business. Economic policymakers from central banks and fiscal policy leaders appropriately undertook extraordinary means to avert a global recession. Similarly, business leaders acted promptly to respond to the crisis, moving to a wide adoption of working from home, as an example. Most observers would argue that the responses of both economic policymakers and businesses largely succeeded. The recession in the United States, while sharp, was also of extremely short duration. Now, policymakers need to determine how best to exit from the extraordinary measures put into place during the worst of the pandemic, while also tailoring economic and social policy to respond to the social needs and challenges that became clear during the crisis. Similarly, business leaders are grappling with the very uneven process of reopening businesses and encouraging employees to return to work. The challenges, choices and tradeoffs facing economic policymakers and business leaders are issues, I address through moderated panels, social media posts, and speeches.