European Security and the Ukraine War

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Liana Fix
Liana Fix

Fellow for Europe

About the Project

Russia's 2022 invasion of Ukraine ushered in a new era in Europe.  The European Union is turning into a geopolitical union with the ambition to order its neighborhood and to assume more responsibility for its own security. At the same time, NATO has emerged strengthened from the war. Member states have started spending more on defense, and Finland and Sweden joined the alliance as new members. However, many questions of European security remain unresolved. These include the security of Ukraine in a future European order, along with the security of Moldova and Georgia. Another unresolved question is how to constrain a revisionist and aggressive Russia in the future. This project explores how European security is reordered during Russia’s war in Ukraine, Europe’s shift toward a geopolitical actor in reaction to it, and the effects on the transatlantic relationship. The Project on European Security and the Ukraine War will produce a series of op-eds, articles, and roundtable meetings to explore the future of European security and implications of the Ukraine war.