The Future of the Kurds

Project Expert

Henri J. Barkey

Senior Fellow for Middle East Studies

About the Project

Over the last two decades, developments in the Middle East have helped transform the Kurds’ struggle for greater recognition and even self-determination from a country-specific issue to a regional and international one. I am examining the future progress of the Kurdish Question and its consequences through both in-depth study as well as high-level scenario analysis. The new Kurdish assertiveness is evident not only in Iraq with the recent independence referendum, but also in Turkey, Syria, and even Iran. The project will help understand and familiarize scholars and policymakers with the developments that have the possibility of having transformative changes in the region over the course of the next ten to fifteen years. The project includes a book, papers, a series of roundtables and daylong seminars, and briefings with policymakers.

This project is made possible through the support of the Smith Richardson Foundation.