The Rita Hauser Annual Event

Risk and Strategy for the Changing World

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and King's College London held a two day symposium on risk and strategy for the changing world on March 24 and 25, 2014. The symposium, held at CFR's office in New York, brought together leading scholars from the United Kingdom and the United States to examine the role of risk in intelligence, military planning, failing states, finance, and geopolitics.Videos from the symposium can be viewed below. This symposium was made possible by the generous support of the Hauser Foundation.

Session 1: A Global Risk on Risk and Strategy


In the opening session, following opening remarks from Rita Hauser, Richard N. Haass and Lawrence D. Freedman discuss the changing perceptions of strategic risk in the post-Cold War era with Walter Russell Mead. The panelists highlight the crisis in Ukraine and China's maritime claims as two potential hotspots where the risk of conflict is particularly high.

Session 2: Risk and Intelligence


Jami Miscik and David Omand discuss with James Kitfield risk and intelligence. The speakers highlighted the risks and restrictions faced by the intelligence community. They also argued that the public needs to better understand the activities of the intelligence community in cyberspace. 

Session 3: Risk and Military Planning


Max Boot, Janine Davidson, and Theo Farrell discuss with John Nagl managing risk in military planning, the effects of sequestration on defense, and tradeoffs between risk and available resources.

Session 4: Risk and Failing States


Christine Cheng, Isobel Coleman, and Stewart Patrick discuss with Scott Malcomson the inherent risk of failing states and the economic consequences for the United States and global community.

Session 5: Financial Risk


Joyce Chang and Nouriel Roubini assess the risks that exist in the current global financial system in a discussion with CFR's Sebastian Mallaby. The panelists examine the possibility that a prolonged period of zero interest rates by the Fed and other central banks could potentially inflate a new asset bubble.

Session 6: Risk and Geopolitics


Samuel Green, Michal A Levi, Anatol Lieven, and Micah Zenko discuss with Gideon Rose current geopolitical trends and the risk of conflicts taking place around the world.

Summary Report: Risk and Strategy for the Changing World