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February 10, 2016

Red Team: To Know Your Enemy and Yourself

Council on Foreign Relations 2/11/16 Academic Conference Call on Red Team: To Know Your Enemy and Yourself with Michael Zenko

July 21, 2015

United States
U.S. Drone Policy

Council on Foreign Relations 12/5/12 Academic Conference Call on U.S. Drone Policy with Micah Zenko

March 24, 2015

United States
The Implications of Drones on U.S. Foreign Policy

Micah Zenko, CFR’s Douglas Dillon fellow in the Center for Preventive Action, and Sarah E. Kreps, associate professor of government at Cornell University, discuss the increased tactical use of unmann…

March 9, 2011

Media Conference Call: Intervention in Libya - Options for the United States

As fighting continues in Libya between anti- and pro-government forces, the Obama administration has warned that it is considering all options, including military intervention. Conflict prevention ex…