• Global
    Annual Report 2021
    This was an extraordinary year for the Council. Established in the wake of a global pandemic of influenza, CFR experienced its centennial year amid another—COVID-19. Although the celebrations this year could not be in person, CFR marked the occasion with a special website, a new CFR store, dedicated programming, and a short history book.
  • Economics
    Global Trade Tracker
    The CFR Global Trade Tracker allows you to gauge trends in international trade through time. The map below compiles trade data from 178 countries as reported to the International Monetary Fund (IM…
  • United Nations
    The Role of the UN General Assembly
    The UN General Assembly hosts a much-watched debate of world leaders each year but has struggled to make its work more substantive. After an unprecedented all-virtual assembly in 2020, this year’s meeting partially returned to an in-person format.