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March 24, 2011

Monetary Policy
Can Renewables Replace Nuclear Energy?

Japan’s nuclear industry is in full-blown crisis, raising global concern as to the safety and viability of nuclear energy. In response, China has frozen its nuclear reactor development program, w…

Can Renewables Replace Nuclear Energy?

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July 29, 2016

Friday Asia Update: Five Stories From the Week of July 29, 2016

Rachel Brown, Sherry Cho, Lincoln Davidson, Bochen Han, Theresa Lou, and Gabriella Meltzer look at five stories from Asia this week. 1. China and Russia to hold “routine” naval exercises in the Sout…


January 15, 2016

Friday Asia Update: Five Stories From the Week of January 15, 2016

Rachel Brown, Lincoln Davidson, Ariella Rotenberg, Gabriel Walker, and James West look at five stories from Asia this week. 1. Taiwan takes to the polls. Tomorrow, the island’s citizens will choose …


October 9, 2015

Friday Asia Update: Top Five Stories for the Week of October 9, 2015

Rachel Brown, Lincoln Davidson, Sungtae “Jacky” Park, Ayumi Teraoka, and Gabriel Walker look at the top stories in Asia this week. 1. Raging flames in Indonesia. Intense forest fires have been burni…


July 16, 2009

Health Policy and Initiatives
Lessons in Universal Health Insurance Models

As the United States looks to reform its health care system and expand access to the uninsured, countries that have moved toward universal health care may offer lessons.

June 27, 2014

Friday Asia Update: Top Five Stories for the Week of June 27, 2014

Ashlyn Anderson, Lauren Dickey, Darcie Draudt, Charles McClean, Will Piekos, and Sharone Tobias look at the top stories in Asia today. 1. Abe fires the “third arrow” of his growth strategy Abenomics…


June 2, 2008

Middle East and North Africa
China-Gulf Economic Relations

Trade between China and the Gulf Cooperation Council has spiked in recent years, with potentially broad economic and geopolitical consequences.

June 1, 2013

Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink

John Campbell, former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria, explores the country's postcolonial history and examines the events and conditions that have carried this troubled giant to the edge.

January 11, 2011

Sub-Saharan Africa
A Moral Approach to State Failure

Father Stan Chu Ilo at St Michael’s College, University of Toronto, has written a perceptive review of Dancing on the Brink that appeared in Nigeriaworld last Friday. Following a detailed and accur…