Africa Program

About the Africa Program

About the Africa Program

About the Program

Africa’s enduring challenges and vast opportunities continues to focus the minds of governments, civil society, and private corporations alike. Drawing on the continent’s complicated history, the Council on Foreign Relations’ Africa program examines this growing strategic and economic importance. It seeks to provide policymakers, the business community, and the general public with a deeper and more nuanced understanding of African political and socio-economic developments.

Africa continues to be home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world. High economic and population growth rates and rapid urbanization make Africa a new frontier for international trade and investment. Democratic governments are taking root. Nonetheless, profound poverty remains, repressive regimes persist, and elections frequently have only a veneer of legitimacy. Ethnicity, religion, and disputes over access to water and land fuel conflicts that challenge new democracies and help fuel terrorism and militancy.

The Africa program produces Africa in Transitiona daily blog that focuses on African political and security issues as well as the Nigeria Security Tracker and the Sub-Saharan Security Trackerinteractive visualizations that chart political violence in sub-Saharan Africa. The program hosts three roundtable series: "Africa Strategic Opportunities," "Political Transitions in Africa," and "U.S. Strategic African Partners."  The program’s four senior fellows regularly lecture students, brief those in government, business, civil society, and the media, and publish op-eds, articles, and books related to Africa.