• Conflict Prevention
    Why Russia Didn’t Act
    Russia’s inaction in response to Kyrgyzstan’s ethnic violence reflects a deeper problem with international cooperation, writes CFR’s Stephen Sestanovich.
  • Kyrgyzstan
    Delicate Balance for U.S. in Kyrgyzstan
    The displacement of Kyrgyzstan’s Uzbeks raises problems of legitimacy for Sunday’s constitutional referendum, as well as concerns about the U.S.-leased airbase at Manas, says Kyrgyzstan expert Michele Commercio.
  • Russia
    Moscow Indicates It Won’t Be Ignored in the ’Near Abroad’
    S. Frederick Starr, a longtime expert on the Caucasus and Central Asia, says Russia is using a "carrot and stick" approach to attempt to force the United States out of a crucial air base in Kyrgyzstan, showing its determination to reclaim its traditional influence in the so-called near abroad.