• Terrorism and Counterterrorism
    Documenting Andijan
    A newly obtained video of a May 2005 massacre of civilians in the Uzbek city of Andijan casts new light on an event that led to a marked decrease in U.S. influence in the region.
  • Uzbekistan
    Severing of U.S.-Uzbek Ties Over Counterterrorism
    This publication is now archived. Introduction Uzbekistan has officially announced it would end its cooperation with the United States on counterterrorism operations in Central Asia. Situated on Afgh…
  • Uzbekistan
    Interview with Nancy Lubin on U.S.-Uzbek relations
    On May 13, a protest and prison break in the eastern city of Andijan, Uzbekistan, turned violent as police reportedly opened fire on unarmed civilians, leaving as many as 700 dead. Human Rights Watch…