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June 15, 2005

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If you stopped by the middle of the day, you probably noticed the site looked a bit different. We accidentally went live with some early work on a forthcoming redesign of this blog. Sorry about any inconvenience, or any temporarily lost comments.

I’ll let you know when we are ready to switch over for real. Among other things, the new blog design will be more integrated into the RGE site and allow easier search.

From my point of view, the biggest advantage is new software that should also provide better spam control - recently the ratio of spam comments to real comments has been getting a bit out of control, largely because of rising spam. And the new blogging package should support charts and graphs, though I know better than to try to match Calculated Risk when it comes to the visual presentation of information.

Don’t hestitate to offer additional suggestions either.

I’ll have something up on TIC data shortly.

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