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If a Kansan is going to run the World Bank

February 1, 2005 7:40 pm (EST)

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Please pick Kassebaum-Baker rather than Brownback.

Kassebaum is sort of like the Christine Todd Whitman of Kansas politics; Brownback is more the Rick Santorum.

I suspect that Brownback won’t get the nod in the end -- Kansas has a Democratic governor, who might get to select a Democrat to replace Brownback. Plus, selecting Brownback would not exactly play well with George Bush’s good friend Tony Blair. Given the priority Blair has placed on Africa and development, he presumably wants at least the appearance of having some influence over the selection of the next World Bank president.

For some reason, Kansans have done quite well for themselves in Washington (think Senate Republican leader-for-life Bob Dole) while Nebraskans have down quite well for themselves in New York (think Pete Peterson and Warren Buffet, though he just plays the markets in New York). Kansas does well as basketball, Nebraska used to do well at football ...

p.s. If KU keeps on playing like it did this weekend, it may be hard to resist the temptation to do some basketball blogging as the NCAA tournament approaches.

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