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July 4th Trivia Quiz

July 03, 2013

Fireworks light up the sky over Washington, seen from the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington, Virginia (Jonathan Ernst/Courtesy Reuters).
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Tomorrow is July 4th. It’s my favorite holiday: it celebrates a great historical event, hot dogs are the food of the day, and I don’t have to buy anyone a present. To celebrate the holiday, I am offering up the annual TWE July 4th trivia quiz, which began in 2011 and was repeated again in 2012. Below you will find thirteen new questions in honor of the original thirteen colonies that threw off the yoke of British tyranny. Have a fun and safe Fourth of July!


If you have your own July 4th trivia questions, please post them in the comments section so everyone can take a crack at answering. I hope that you all get to eat a hot dog (all beef, chicken, or soy), attend a parade, play some catch, and watch fireworks on the Fourth. Kick back, push the bad news aside, and enjoy the holiday!