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James M. Lindsay analyzes the politics shaping U.S. foreign policy and the sustainability of American power.

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A soldier of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment places flags on headstones in Arlington National Cemetery ahead of Memorial Day on May 26, 2022. Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Remembering Those Whom Memorial Day Honors

The stories of six Americans who were awarded the Medal of Honor for making the ultimate sacrifice. Read More

How Putin Got the West Wrong
Vladimir Putin expected the invasion of Ukraine to divide the West. It did the opposite.
The President's Inbox Episodes by Topic
A comprehensive list of each episode of The President's Inbox organized by topic. 
United States
The 2022 Midterm Congressional Elections by the Numbers
History suggests that control of Congress will change after November’s midterm elections.
  • Ukraine
    Five Questions: Russia’s War on Ukraine
    Five questions about how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will develop and what it means for the world.
  • United States
    Ten Facts About the State of the Union Address
    President Biden delivers his first State of the Union speech tonight. Here are ten things you might not know about the tradition of having a president deliver an annual address.
  • United States
    Can President Biden’s State of the Union Address Unify Americans Over Ukraine?
    President Biden delivers his first State of the Union speech tomorrow night. Can he use this perilous moment to begin to reverse the nation’s deep divisions?  
  • United States
    TWE Remembers: The Bricker Amendment
    In 1954, the Senate nearly passed a constitutional amendment to curtail the president’s authority to make international agreements. President Dwight D. Eisenhower avoided a major foreign policy loss thanks to an unusual ally.
  • United States
    TWE Celebrates Presidents’ Day
    TWE’s annual essay about the United States’ commanders-in-chief.
  • United States
    A Presidents’ Day Quiz
    The eleventh annual TWE Presidents' Day quiz. 
  • 2021 in Review
    Five Good Foreign Policy News Stories in 2021
    As 2021 comes to a close, here are five positive stories on the foreign policy front that happened in the past year.