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Senators Bob Dole and Daniel Inouye. National Archives

Was It Worth It?

Dan asks a question that everyone who has ever signed up for military service has likely asked: was it worth it? His answer is worth reading.  Read More

Defense and Security
Thanking America's Veterans
Today we recognize those who have served in the United States’ armed forces.
Defense and Security
Happy 247th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!
The United States Marine Corps marks 247 years of service. 
United States
Happy 247th Birthday, U.S. Navy!
The U.S. Navy marks 247 years of service.
  • Russia
    Western Support for Ukraine Will Withstand Russian Pressure
    Vladimir Putin is betting he can coerce the West into abandoning Ukraine. It’s not a bet he’s likely to win. 
  • United States
    Congressional Midterm Update: The Race Tightens
    Seven weeks out from the November elections, Democrats’ prospects have brightened, and Republicans’ prospects have dimmed.
  • United States
    Happy 75th Birthday to the United States Air Force
    The United States Air Force marks seventy-five years of service.
  • Global
    The President's Inbox Episodes by Topic
    A comprehensive list of each episode of The President's Inbox organized by topic. 
  • United States
    Happy 232nd Birthday to the U.S. Coast Guard!
    The U.S. Coast Guard marks 232 years of service.
  • United States
    A Midterm Election Update
    Three and a half months out from the November elections, Democrats’ prospects have gotten darker.
  • United States
    Fourth of July Trivia Quiz
    The twelfth annual Independence Day trivia quiz from The Water’s Edge.