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Latin America’s Moment analyzes economic, political, and social issues and trends throughout the Western Hemisphere.

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The Pandemic Is Eroding Bolivians’ Trust in Democracy

Interim President Jeanine Áñez’s decision to postpone Bolivia’s election twice has sparked protests, revealing the threat COVID-19 poses to democratic governance worldwide. Read More

Mexico’s Response to Tariffs Won’t Make Trump Happy
Mexico can’t end the migrant flow by itself. But it can—and likely will—raise tariffs that target swing states.
Opposition's Gambit Stalls After Day of Tumult Rocks Venezuela
Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaidó took his confrontation up a notch on Tuesday, appearing in front of a Caracas Air Force base with several soldiers and calling for an uprising to end the con…
China's Green Investments Won't Undo Its Environmental Damage to Latin America
While solar panels, electric buses, and wind turbines emerge, fossil fuel usage and demand for commodities continue to degrade Latin America’s environment.
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    Trump’s Misguided Policies Are a Gift to Venezuela’s Maduro
    Punishing allies won’t help to rally international support for the restoration of democracy.
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    Venezuelan Remittances Don’t Just Save Lives
    Sadly, they also help keep the country’s repressive regime in power.
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    Trump’s Bullying on Border Crisis Will Backfire
    Mexico and Central America can do little to curb migration without robust U.S. support.
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    Lopez Obrador Is Dismantling Democracy in Mexico
    His concentration of power in an already strong presidency bodes ill for civil society and fragile institutions.
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    Latin America’s Right Turn Could Draw Its Economies Closer
    The ascent of leaders who favor free trade opens space for real integration.
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    Mexico Is Making the Wrong Bet on Venezuela
    Lopez Obrador’s tacit support for Maduro will diminish his political capital at home and abroad.
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    Macri Floats Above Argentina’s Economic Mess
    A hapless political opposition fails to capitalize on the president’s mistakes and adapt to the future.