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Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa gives a speech during a ceremony to deliver equipment to the national police on January 22, 2024.
Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa gives a speech during a ceremony to deliver equipment to the national police on January 22, 2024. Karen Toro/ Reuters

Can Ecuador Avoid Becoming a Narco-State

Criminal groups have captured parts of the state. A broad political coalition must fight corruption and root them out. Read More

Complications in Colombia’s AG Selection, Plus Milei’s Electoral Reform Failure and El Salvador’s Opposition Collapses
Colombia’s process to select a new attorney general is not going smoothly; electoral reform an early failure in omnibus fiasco; and the collapse of El Salvador’s opposition is bad news for Bukele
Proposed Judicial Reforms Hasten Democratic Erosion, Peruvian Guns Fuel Ecuador's Violence, and Arévalo's New Cabinet
Judicial reforms look to erode—not consolidate—democracy; Peruvian guns fuel Ecuador’s violence; and Arévalo delivers a technocratic, centrist cabinet
The Organized Crime Threat to Latin American Democracies
Governments have learned to manage many threats, but they are failing to curb the growing power of organized crime.
  • Latin America
    Amazon Deforestation Down But Little to Show for COP28, Plus Venezuela-Guyana Tensions
    Region will struggle to maintain progress on deforestation. In Dubai, pledges don’t match financial commitments for Latin America. Maduro uses self-manufactured Essequibo crisis to crack down on the opposition.
  • Colombia
    Petro's Total Peace Strategy Faces Challenges, Plus USMCA Brings Judgments But Not Punishments
    Petro’s Total Peace strategy faces its greatest obstacle yet; USMCA brings judgments, even as countries delay enforcement
  • United States
    Peru’s Elections in Doubt Plus, APEP Kicks Off and the Protest Risk to the Green Transition
    Peru’s unpopular congress and attorney general move to undermine 2026 elections; APEP kicks off, focus narrowed; Protests could hold back Latin America’s role in the green transition.
  • Guatemala
    Guatemala's Protests Go National, Plus Meddling Ex-Presidents and a Thaw in U.S.-Venezuela Relations
    Guatemala’s protest movement goes national; Latin America’s meddlesome ex-presidents; U.S. border crisis and geopolitical turmoil are taking the pressure off Maduro.
  • Mexico
    Latin America This Week: September 29, 2023
    Mexico will define the success of the U.S. State Department’s new synthetic drug initiative; In the Dominican Republic, politics trumps economics; Brazilian military mostly supported democracy.
  • Latin America
    The GOP's Posturing Will Push Latin America Into China's Arms
    Reviving the Monroe Doctrine would take a time machine.
  • Brazil
    Latin America This Week: September 20, 2023
    At 32 years old, Mercosur faces an existential crisis; Petro signals a big shift on drug policy; Massa’s last-ditch election spending will hobble the next government.