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A woman holding a baby in Santiago, Chile, September 4, 2022.
A woman holding a baby in Santiago, Chile, September 4, 2022. Pablo Sanhueza/Reuters

Latin America’s Demographic Opportunity Plus Arévalo’s First Four Months

Latin America’s openness to migration may offset downsides of aging populations; Arévalo’s reform agenda for Guatemala inches forward, but roadblocks are multiplying. Read More

Organized crime fuels Mexico’s election violence, plus Europe’s Southern Cone cocaine pipeline
Organized crime’s hold on local governments fuels record election violence; Europe’s cocaine pipeline shifting to the Southern Cone.
Can Mexico’s Next President Control the Military?
The country’s military brass has a larger role governing Mexico than at any time in the past eighty years. It’s creating a dangerous dependency that won’t be easy to break.
United States
Summer Migration Uptick Likely to Inflame U.S. Politics, Plus Brazil’s Risky Bet on Soy
Migration will rise this summer, inflaming U.S. politics; Brazil’s risky bet on soy.
  • Haiti
    Haiti Mission Lacks Interlocutor Plus Peruvian Congress Purges Top Judges
    No interlocutor for Haiti mission’s international troops and Peru’s “pact of the corrupt” is succeeding where Guatemala’s failed without international pressure.
  • Mexico
    Mexico’s Electoral Campaigns Kick Off Plus Latin America’s Resilient Democracies
    Mexico’s electoral campaigns officially begin with AMLO’s legacy at play plus Latin America’s democracies are challenged but resilient.
  • Ecuador
    Can Ecuador Avoid Becoming a Narco-State
    Criminal groups have captured parts of the state. A broad political coalition must fight corruption and root them out.
  • Colombia
    Complications in Colombia’s AG Selection, Plus Milei’s Electoral Reform Failure and El Salvador’s Opposition Collapses
    Colombia’s process to select a new attorney general is not going smoothly; electoral reform an early failure in omnibus fiasco; and the collapse of El Salvador’s opposition is bad news for Bukele
  • Mexico
    Proposed Judicial Reforms Hasten Democratic Erosion, Peruvian Guns Fuel Ecuador's Violence, and Arévalo's New Cabinet
    Judicial reforms look to erode—not consolidate—democracy; Peruvian guns fuel Ecuador’s violence; and Arévalo delivers a technocratic, centrist cabinet
  • Peru
    The Organized Crime Threat to Latin American Democracies
    Governments have learned to manage many threats, but they are failing to curb the growing power of organized crime.
  • Latin America
    Amazon Deforestation Down But Little to Show for COP28, Plus Venezuela-Guyana Tensions
    Region will struggle to maintain progress on deforestation. In Dubai, pledges don’t match financial commitments for Latin America. Maduro uses self-manufactured Essequibo crisis to crack down on the opposition.