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Mexican migrants deported from the U.S. are pictured at Paso del Norte International Border bridge after the U.S. and Mexico have agreed to restrict non-essential travel over their shared border to limit the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez

Mexican Migration Could Be the First Crisis of 2021

The pandemic has worsened all the factors driving migrants north, not least from Mexico. Read More

Lopez Obrador Can Save Mexico by Embracing Globalization
Strengthening global ties is the best way to escape a pandemic-induced recession and help the country’s poor.
Brazil’s Vote on the Cuban Embargo at the UN: An Unrequited Gamble for U.S. Goodwill?
Brazil's historic move to break with the rest of Latin America on the U.S. embargo of Cuba appears to have yielded few results. 
Coronavirus Is Killing Lopez Obrador’s Big Plans for Mexico
His “Fourth Transformation” is a victim of his failure to take the pandemic seriously.
  • Trade
    How to Pandemic-Proof Globalization
    Redundancy, Not Reshoring, Is the Key to Supply Chain Security
  • Americas
    Mexico’s Lopez Obrador Is Stoking Corruption, Not Fighting It
    His shady associates and wrongheaded policies are making a bad problem worse.
  • Americas
    AMLO’s ‘Hugs Not Bullets’ Is Failing Mexico
    The president's softer approach to criminal gangs just suffered a serious setback in Sinaloa.
  • Americas
    Free Trade Is Expanding, Just Not With the U.S.
    Deals forged by countries accounting for more than one-third of global output leave America on the outside.
  • Americas
    China’s Manufacturing Loss Should Be Mexico’s Gain
    But President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is wasting the opportunity.
  • Americas
    Mexico Can’t Solve Its Three Biggest Crises Alone
    Dealing with Central American migrants, rising crime and faltering energy supplies will require more U.S. help.
  • Mexico
    Mexico’s Response to Tariffs Won’t Make Trump Happy
    Mexico can’t end the migrant flow by itself. But it can—and likely will—raise tariffs that target swing states.