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Latin America’s Moment analyzes economic, political, and social issues and trends throughout the Western Hemisphere.

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Then-President Mauricio Macri of Argentina speaks to journalists after casting his vote in Buenos Aires. REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci

Argentina’s Latest Anti-Speech Scandal: Free Press on the Rocks?

Already the most dangerous region in the world for journalists, press freedom in Latin America is under attack. A recent case in Argentina underscores the pressures journalists face in speaking truth to power.  Read More

Are Latin American Nations Turning Their Backs on LGBTQ+ Rights?
Despite much progress over the past decade, the tide may be shifting. But U.S. partnership can help revitalize the expansion of LGBTQ+ protections in the Western Hemisphere.
Protection Without Protectionism
Getting Industrial Policy Right
Biden Can’t Pick Up in Latin America Where Obama Left Off
Four years of malign U.S. neglect and continental upheaval will require a rethink of U.S. policy.
  • Transition 2021
    U.S.-Mexico Partnership Will Get More Prickly
    Beyond his bluster on migration and trade, Donald Trump actually asked little of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. That will change under Joe Biden.
  • Americas
    The Pandemic Is Eroding Bolivians’ Trust in Democracy
    Interim President Jeanine Áñez’s decision to postpone Bolivia’s election twice has sparked protests, revealing the threat COVID-19 poses to democratic governance worldwide.
  • Americas
    Mexican Migration Could Be the First Crisis of 2021
    The pandemic has worsened all the factors driving migrants north, not least from Mexico.
  • Americas
    Lopez Obrador Can Save Mexico by Embracing Globalization
    Strengthening global ties is the best way to escape a pandemic-induced recession and help the country’s poor.
  • Americas
    Brazil’s Vote on the Cuban Embargo at the UN: An Unrequited Gamble for U.S. Goodwill?
    Brazil's historic move to break with the rest of Latin America on the U.S. embargo of Cuba appears to have yielded few results. 
  • Americas
    Coronavirus Is Killing Lopez Obrador’s Big Plans for Mexico
    His “Fourth Transformation” is a victim of his failure to take the pandemic seriously.
  • Trade
    How to Pandemic-Proof Globalization
    Redundancy, Not Reshoring, Is the Key to Supply Chain Security