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Elliott Abrams discusses U.S. foreign policy, focusing on the Middle East and democracy and human rights.

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The Price of Oil and of Human Rights

The Biden administration is promoting greater oil exports by Iran and Venezuela, weighing oil prices more heavily than human rights in U.S. foreign policy. Read More

The Pope and the Church in Nicaragua
The repression of the Catholic Church in Nicaragua continues to deepen, but Pope Francis has not responded with the levels of support that are needed.
Venezuela: U.S. Policy, U.S. Sanctions, and Humiliation by Maduro Regime
While the Biden administration says it will maintain sanctions on the Maduro regime unless there is progress toward free elections, there is progress instead toward lifting sanctions while repression grows.
The Debate Over Military Aid to Israel
There is a new debate over cutting military aid to Israel, but the arguments for doing so are poor.
  • Venezuela
    Chevron, the Biden Administration, and the Maduro Regime
    Concessions to the Maduro regime in Venezuela have permitted Chevron to produce more oil there, but have brought only more repression. 
  • Russia
    Kara-Murza's Courage is a Message to All of Us
    Vladimir Kara-Murza's courageous words this week in a Moscow courtroom remind us of the value of liberty and the need to defend it.
  • Israel
    Netanyahu's Invitation to Washington
    The delay in inviting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to Washington has been a foolish effort to intervene in Israeli politics while dangers in the Middle East have grown.