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Pressure Points

Elliott Abrams discusses U.S. foreign policy, focusing on the Middle East and democracy and human rights.

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On North Korea, Iran, and Trump

The cancellation of the US/North Korea meeting begins, in my view, with the JCPOA. Logic suggests that what Kim really wanted from the new administration was a JCPOA of his own. That is, he wanted a nuclear deal that was time-limited by sunset provisions, that permitted him to keep on developing better and better missiles, and that required only that he suspend his nuclear work for a short period of years. Such a deal would legitimize the North Korean nuclear program and Kim would see sanctions lifted and his economy greatly benefitted.  Read More

May 16, 2018

Gaza and Hamas

This is a painful week to be a leader of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas--and a much worse week to be living under its rule. Israel left Gaza in 2005, and in 2007 Hamas seized control by overwhelming the (much larger) Fatah forces. Eleven years of Hamas rule have brought nothing but violence and repression to the Palestinians who live there.

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April 26, 2018

Human Rights
Why We Must Never Give Up on Democracy

In Nicaragua and Armenia today, people are rising up against tyranny and demanding human rights and democratic rights. Nicaragua has been suffering under a decade of misrule and deepening tyranny by the Sandinista Party--and by Daniel Ortega as president and his wife as vice president. And all of a sudden there are national protests. From the New York Times today:

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April 25, 2018

Tightening the Screws on Cuba

Several weeks ago I wrote an "Expert Brief" for the Council on Foreign Relations titled "Time to Tighten the Screws on Cuba?" There I argued that the one-sided and unfortunate concessions the Obama administration made to Cuba had helped the regime but not the Cuban people, and urged the Trump administration to go even further than it has already gone in reversing those concessions. Americans' travel to Cuba was one of the topics I covered:

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