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Elliott Abrams discusses U.S. foreign policy, focusing on the Middle East and democracy and human rights.

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Did the “Maximum Pressure” Campaign Against Iran Fail?

Iran's reserves fell in 2020 to a startlingly low $4 billion, suggesting that the "maximum pressure" campaign was succeeding. Read More

Why Won't Biden Call Duque?
An American Ally is Given the Cold Shoulder
Christians and Israel
A broad group of U.S. Christian leaders reaches out to Israel's new government
  • Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    Can Democracy Help Solve The Problem of Gaza?
    What would happen if Palestinian politics were revived?
  • Democracy
    Biden and Democracy in Nicaragua
    Despite all the speeches about the importance of human rights, the Biden administration is standing by as democracy is crushed in Nicaragua
  • United Nations
    Amidst a Global Pandemic, Another Shameful WHO Vote on Israel
    Here we are in the middle of a global pandemic, but the WHO’s annual meeting can still abandon its responsibilities and divert into an assault on Israel. This is what happened on Wednesday, May 26…
  • Israel
    Palestinian Politics After the Gaza Conflict
    Can politics replace violence and terror? 
  • Israel
    Will an Arms Sale to Israel be Delayed While It Defends Against Terrorist Attacks?
    A congressional request for delay tests the Biden administration
  • Iran Nuclear Agreement
    Iranian Compliance and the JCPOA Negotiations
    Are the negotiators ignoring Iran's repeated violations and its stonewalling of the IAEA?
  • Palestinian Territories
    After the "Postponement" of Palestinian Elections, Now What?
    Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas has now “postponed” parliamentary elections scheduled for May 22. As I noted in a previous blog post and in an article in Fathom, this was no real surpri…