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Syria by the Numbers V

September 3, 2013

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The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) announced today that more than two million refugees have fled the violence in Syria since the beginning of the conflict in March 2011. Antonio Guterres, UN high commissioner, said that, “Syria has become the great tragedy of this century.” He further noted that the crisis is rapidly accelerating; the first million refugees fled over the course of two years, but the second million have mostly fled in the past six months.

To see just how dramatically the war has affected the Syrian people, compare the figures below with the corresponding statistics for the months June 2012 here, August 2012 here, October 2012 here, and May 2013 here. The overall figures from Syria’s conflict below speak for themselves.

Length of Conflict

30 months


Total estimated deaths: 110,371

Total estimated opposition deaths: 72,05579,639

Total estimated regime deaths: 11,421

Civilian: 54,37364,683

Children: 7,6467,924

Opposition military: 14,95617,682

Deaths by Province

Rural Damascus: 16,63719,227

Aleppo: 11, 69612,290

Homs: 10,86212,321

Idlib: 8,3679,045

Daraa: 6,2456,675

Damascus: 5,4056,255

Hama: 5,014 5,547

Deir Ezzor: 4,4694,591

Al-Raqqa: 8661,163

Latakia: 851966 

Al-Hasakah: 518648

Tartous: 306 513

Quneitra: 350352

Al-Suweida: 48

UN Refugees – Registered or Waiting to be Registered

Total number of refugees registered or awaiting registration by the UN: 2,000,938

Total number of registered refugees: 1,826,684

Persons awaiting registration: 174,254


Total number of registered refugees: 450,584

Persons awaiting registration: 13,301


Total number of registered refugees: 492,526

Persons awaiting registration: 27,150


Total number of registered refugees: 613,806

Persons awaiting registration: 106,197


Total number of registered refugees: 158,461

Persons awaiting registration: 13,523


Total number of registered refugees: 97,018

Persons awaiting registration: 14,083


Total funding required Regional Response Plan for Syrian refugees: $2,981,640,112

Total funded: $1,798,219,062

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