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Middle East Program

The Middle East program provides cutting-edge analysis of the emerging political, economic, and social trends in the world's most volatile region, offering insights and recommendations about the Middle East, its history, the sources of its current instability, and where it might be headed. Washington, DC, continues to import oil from the Persian Gulf, guarantee Israel's security, and preserve regional stability, even as regional leaders question its political will to remain a power in the region.

Program Experts

Elliott Abrams

Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies

Henri J. Barkey

Adjunct Senior Fellow for Middle East Studies

Robert D. Blackwill

Henry A. Kissinger Senior Fellow for U.S. Foreign Policy

Steven A. Cook

Eni Enrico Mattei Senior Fellow for Middle East and Africa Studies and Director of the International Affairs Fellowship for Tenured International Relations Scholars

Martin S. Indyk

Distinguished Fellow

Farah Pandith

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Ray Takeyh

Hasib J. Sabbagh Senior Fellow for Middle East Studies