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Syria By the Numbers VI

February 19, 2014

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Last month, the United Nations announced that it had stopped updating its official death toll from Syria’s conflict due to an inability to verify sources. The UN’s last estimate of over 100,000 people killed was released in late July 2013.

Here at Middle East Matters, I have continued to compile data from Syria’s brutal conflict. Our sources include the Violations Documentation Center in Syria (VDC), the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), and the Syrian Revolution Martyr Database, as well as refugee numbers from the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

To see just how dramatically the war has affected the Syrian people in the past twenty-one months since our first post, compare the figures below with the corresponding statistics for the months September 2013, May 2013, October 2012, August 2012, and June 2012. These figures speak themselves.

Length of Conflict

35 months


Total estimated deaths: 140,041**

Total estimated opposition deaths: 88,51997,505

Total estimated regime deaths: 12,046

Civilian: 65,25577,616

Children: 10,23810,256

Opposition military: 19,88923,270

**Estimated deaths as of February 14, 2014, by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

Deaths by Province

Rural Damascus: 20,46123,406

Aleppo: 16,66017,902

Homs: 12,36013,798

Idlib: 9,55510,275

Daraa: 7,9038,341

Damascus: 6,2987,504

Hama: 5,9276,625

Deir Ezzor: 5,1065,222

Al-Raqqa: 1,0821,420

Latakia: 9241,026

Al-Hasakah: 617794

Tartous: 338527

Quneitra: 597650

Al-Suweida: 6568

UN Refugees – Registered or Waiting to be Registered

Total number of refugees registered or awaiting registration by the UN: 2,492,495

Total number of registered refugees: 2,443,132

Persons awaiting registration: 49,363


Total number of registered refugees: 612,570

Persons awaiting registration: 0


Total number of registered refugees: 573,425

Persons awaiting registration: 0


Total number of registered refugees: 882,204

Persons awaiting registration: 49,636


Total number of registered refugees: 222,574

Persons awaiting registration: 0


Total number of registered refugees: 134,014

Persons awaiting registration: 0


Total funding required for the Syria Regional Response Plan (RRP): $2,981,640,112

Total funded: $2,118,772,943

A closing note: During the recent failed spate of negotiations in Geneva, the casualty rate in Syria increased, with some 6,000 people killed over the duration of the internationally sponsored peace effort.

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