Mitigating Cybercrime Threats: Global Efforts to Clean Up the Internet

Thursday, January 17, 2019
Kacper Pempel/Reuters
Jason Healey

Senior Research Scholar, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs; Coauthor, Zero Botnets: Building a Global Effort to Clean Up the Internet

Whitney Shepardson Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations; Coauthor, Zero Botnets: Building a Global Effort to Clean Up the Internet; @robknake

Iris Lan

CFR Term Member (2013–2018)

Young Professionals Briefing Series

Botnets are groups of computers infected with malicious software often used for crime. They can propagate spam, send phishing emails, impersonate users, among other things, and can cost the economy billions of dollars each year. In this meeting, panelists discuss how technology makers, internet service providers, cybersecurity companies, and law enforcement can work together across the globe to eliminate the existence of botnets.

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