Podcast: A Shrimp and Two Whales

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Episode Guests
  • Elizabeth C. Economy
    Senior Fellow for China Studies

Show Notes

In a half century, South Korea has transformed itself from an impoverished, war torn country into a thriving, soft power giant known for its cars, cell phones, and cosmetics. The New Koreans: The Story of a Nation, by veteran consultant and journalist Michael Breen, sets this astonishing trajectory within the context of the country’s history, politics, and culture. Breen combines his decades of experience in the country with masterful research and analysis to describe how the “shrimp caught between two whales” has made a place for itself in Asia and in the world. Now, global tensions are escalating with their volatile neighbors to the north, and Seoul is caught in a tough position between the United States, China, and nuclear war. Tune in to this week’s Asia Unbound podcast to learn more about the changing dynamics of South Korea’s political, economic, and security culture.

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