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Incumbent Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen and Vice President-elect William Lai wave to their supporters after their election victory at a rally on January 11, 2020. Tsai won the presidency in 2020 despite Chinese interference in the electoral process. Tyrone Siu/Reuters

A Conversation on China’s Global Influence With the Global Taiwan Institute

Taiwan has often found itself on the front lines of political influence efforts by the Chinese Communist Party. Read More

China’s COVID-19 Comeback Rides On the Strength of Chinese Households
In 2023, China’s economic recovery will depend on the ability of the government to stimulate domestic consumption and on the resilience of Chinese households.   
China’s Population Decline Is Not Yet A Crisis. Beijing’s Response Could Make It One
China has now officially experienced its first total population decline in six decades, bringing attention to Beijing's ability to address the challenges posed by demographic trends.
North Korea
Missiles and Macroeconomy Mark North Korea’s 2022 Troubles
For North Korea, 2022 was marked by a record number of missile tests, the implementation of a national quarantine against COVID-19 cases, and recentralized government control over economic activities. 
  • China
    Kim Jong-un Tests Xi-Yoon Diplomacy
    Developments in China-South Korea and China-North Korea relations between September and December of 2022 include the Xi-Yoon summit meeting, North Korean aggression, and paralysis at the UN Security Council. 
  • Japan
    Don’t Overlook Japan’s Diplomatic Heft
    It has been a busy week in Washington, DC.
  • India
    China Routinely Underestimates India’s Concerns About Its Border
    Chinese news coverage about the border clash with India near Tawang on December 9, 2022 demonstrates a critical misjudgment of the depth of India’s concerns about China and its strategic priorities.
  • China
    China’s Failed Influence Efforts in Central and Eastern Europe
    Despite significant investment, China's attempts to cultivate influence in Central and Eastern Europe have faltered in recent years.
  • United States
    Policy Prescriptions for U.S.-China Relations
    China and the United States are in a competitive downward spiral that if not reversed could drastically damage the two countries and damage the rest of the world.
  • South Korea
    South Korea’s Revitalized “Three-Axis” System
    Amid the intensifying North Korean nuclear and missile threat, South Korea urgently needs to revitalize and refine its “Three-Axis” system.
  • South Korea
    What South Korea’s Indo-Pacific Strategy Says About the Development of a “Yoon Doctrine”
    Whether South Korea’s recently released Indo-Pacific Strategy will be considered the “de facto foreign policy doctrine” of the Yoon Suk-yeol administration will depend on its implementation.