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German Chancellor Angela Merkel greets Indonesia's President Joko Widodo at the start of the G20 leaders summit at the convention center La Nuvola in Rome, Italy, on October 30, 2021. Ludovic Marin/Reuters

Southeast Asia is Moving Closer to Europe. Will it Matter?

Can Europe compete in the Indo-Pacific? Read More

Southeast Asia
How Inequality and Democratic Regression Have Made COVID-19 Worse
Why are some large democracies struggling to contain COVID-19?
The United States and Japan Should Prepare for Chinese Aggression Against Taiwan
Questions of how the United States should address the issue of China and Taiwan have moved to the center of the U.S. foreign policy debate.
Roopa Kudva: Diverse Tech Start-Ups and Investors Are India’s Future
India’s entrepreneurs, investors, and philanthropists are increasingly representative of the country’s diversity. They are playing a critical role in addressing India’s problems.
  • Southeast Asia
    Southeast Asia in 2022: What to Watch Out For
    Next year will be a critical year for Southeast Asia.
  • Southeast Asia
    Malaysia’s New Prime Minister and the Future of Chinese Investment
    How will a new prime minister affect Chinese investment in Malaysia? 
  • Southeast Asia
    A Review of “Nothing is Impossible: America's Reconciliation With Vietnam” by Ted Osius
    A new memoir from Ambassador Ted Osius marks an important contribution to understanding the history of U.S.-Vietnam relations.
  • Southeast Asia
    How Will Cambodia as ASEAN Chair Handle the Myanmar Crisis?
    Myanmar’s junta still has nothing to fear from ASEAN.
  • Southeast Asia
    Can Biden’s Democracy Summit Have Any Effect?
    Will the Summit for Democracy deliver on its goal of renewing democracy around the world? 
  • China
    Takeaway From the Biden-Xi Meeting: Jaw Jawing as Success
    Little of substance was expected of the Monday night meeting, but Biden said the two sides had to establish “guardrails” to prevent a clash, while Xi said he was glad to see his “old friend.”
  • COVID-19
    A Malaysian Success
    What explains Malaysia's success in vaccinating its population?