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Protesters take shelter behind shields as they clash with riot police officers during a protest against the military coup in Yangon, Myanmar, on March 1, 2021. Stringer/Reuters

As in Myanmar, Coups are Becoming More Successful, and More Sophisticated

Early this month, Myanmar’s armed forces took control of the country. Moving overnight, they detained most leading politicians and many civil-society activists, barricaded roads, cut off internet access, arrested people in the darkness, and made an announcement of the coup on state television. Read More

Southeast Asia
Myanmar: Optimism and Fear
Over the weekend, and into Monday Myanmar time, the situation in the country continues to disintegrate. Although the civil disobedience movement continues to show its strength, with large demonstrati…
North Korea
The Singapore Declaration And The Biden Administration’s Policy Review
The Biden administration is in the midst of a North Korea policy review that will shape prospects for diplomacy and the relative priority of North Korea on Biden’s to-do list. Perhaps the earliest an…
Why a Cross-Strait Crisis Will Be Averted in 2021
Many prominent analysts believe that a crisis over Taiwan is brewing and that the chances of a war between China and Taiwan, which has the potential to involve the United States, over the next year i…
  • China
    Podcast: Claudia Trevisan on China's Influence in Latin America
    From São Paulo to Quito, Chinese investment has exploded across Latin America over the last two decades. China now rivals the United States as a leading economic power in the region. Yet China’s econ…
  • Southeast Asia
    Myanmar’s Coup: Regional Implications
    The coup last week in Myanmar, the country’s first in over three decades, has reshaped Myanmar’s political landscape. The country had seemed on a shaky path toward some kind of democracy, following t…
  • Southeast Asia
    Can Democracy Rebound After an Illiberal Populist?
    Over the past decade, illiberal populist leaders from across the political spectrum have won elections and taken power in many of the world’s biggest democracies. Once in office, they have often unde…
  • Southeast Asia
    Myanmar’s Coup Emblematic of Regional Democracy Failures
    Myanmar’s coup is a disaster for Myanmar, but it also is a signifier of the continuing regression of democracy region-wide in Southeast Asia. The region, which once had made significant progress towa…
  • Southeast Asia
    Aftershocks of Myanmar’s Coup: Policy Options
    In responding to the Monday coup in Myanmar, which has clearly put the military in power for an indefinite period of time, the United States and many other outside actors do not have a wide range of …
  • Southeast Asia
    Myanmar’s Coup: The Aftershocks
    On Monday morning Myanmar time, the Myanmar military staged a coup, its first coup since 1988, but hardly unique in Myanmar’s modern history. This coup bore all the hallmarks of previous military tak…
  • Asia
    Biden Administration Sends Important Signals for the Future of U.S.-Taiwan Ties
    Following Joe Biden’s election as the forty-sixth president of the United States, many people in Taiwan feared that U.S.-Taiwan relations would suffer. According to one poll conducted prior to the pr…