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Myanmar's Army Chief Min Aung Hlaing salutes during the Martyrs' Day ceremony in Yangon on July 19, 2020. Ye Aung Thu/Reuters

How Will Cambodia as ASEAN Chair Handle the Myanmar Crisis?

Myanmar’s junta still has nothing to fear from ASEAN. Read More

Southeast Asia
Can Biden’s Democracy Summit Have Any Effect?
Will the Summit for Democracy deliver on its goal of renewing democracy around the world? 
Takeaway From the Biden-Xi Meeting: Jaw Jawing as Success
Little of substance was expected of the Monday night meeting, but Biden said the two sides had to establish “guardrails” to prevent a clash, while Xi said he was glad to see his “old friend.”
A Malaysian Success
What explains Malaysia's success in vaccinating its population?
  • China
    Are China’s Domestic Politics Beginning to Erode its Governance?
    Chinese authorities have launched a regulatory blitz.  But its haste and scope raise questions as to whether technocratic governance of the economy is eroding as China's politics swings in the direction of one-man rule.
  • Japan
    PM Kishida’s Election
    October 31 offered the Japanese people the opportunity to weigh in on their new prime minister, Fumio Kishida, and his party, the Liberal Democrats. 
  • Southeast Asia
    The ASEAN Summit: ASEAN and the United States
    President Biden addressed several areas of concern at the ASEAN summit.
  • Indonesia
    Why Indonesia’s Youth Hold the Key to its Tech Sector Progress
    To capitalize on the promise of its burgeoning tech industry, Indonesia needs a greater focusing on developing the human talent that powers innovation and allows pioneering companies to grow.
  • Philippines
    Will Duterte Serve Another Term?
    Duterte, or his successor, will likely continue the Philippines' democratic regression.
  • North Korea
    Can U.S. And South Korean Public Opinion Align On North Korea?
    U.S and South Korean polling on North Korea show strong support for denuclearization negotiations and summitry. How will growing consensus in public opinion impact U.S.-South Korea policy coordination toward North Korea?