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Visitors at the exhibition's opening ceremony on Friday, June 1.
Visitors at the exhibition's opening ceremony on Friday, June 1. Photo by Ian Johnson

From Tiananmen to Times Square

An exhibition space commemorating the June 4, 1989, massacre of protesters in Beijing and other Chinese cities opened Friday in New York, highlighting how recent changes in China have rejuvenated its overseas dissident scene. Read More

South Korea
Challenges Ahead for U.S. Efforts to Quell South Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions
Amid North Korea’s advancing military capabilities and expanding U.S.-Japan-South Korea security cooperation, the South Korean public will continue assessing whether U.S. extended deterrence could come under future threat. 
Expanding U.S.-India Trade Cooperation Is More Important Than Narrow Dialogues
While a strategic dialogue on trade is important, the United States and India need to bring a wider set of trade issues to the discussion to ensure a resilient partnership.
U.S. Influence in Southeast Asia Falling off a Cliff
Despite Beijing's often aggressive military and diplomatic approach, Southeast Asian nations are increasingly siding with China over the United States.
  • Australia
    Review of Australia’s China Odyssey: From Euphoria to Fear
    In Australia’s China Odyssey: From Euphoria to Fear, James Curran charts Australia's fluctuating policy toward China.
  • China
    China’s Post-COVID Recovery and Reopening
    China’s post-COVID recovery and reopening efforts are hindered by geopolitical rivalries and national security concerns.
  • South Korea
    Deepening Suspicions and Limited Diplomacy
    Developments in China-South Korea and China-North Korea relations between January and April of 2023 include security and economic challenges, as well as Chinese criticisms of the Yoon administration’s diplomatic moves. 
  • Thailand
    Thailand’s Elections: Potential Coalition Government Scenarios
    The electoral strength of opposition pro-democracy parties poses a significant threat to Thailand's ruling military-linked government and monarchy.
  • Thailand
    Thailand’s Pivotal Election: Initial Thoughts
    Opposition pro-democracy parties, particularly the progressive Move Forward party, demonstrated strong public support in Thailand's election.
  • India
    Domestic Manufacturing Is Essential to India’s Green Energy Transition
    Developing domestic manufacturing may be a long-term solution for addressing both climate change and poverty in India.
  • Taiwan
    Threatening to Destroy TSMC Is Unnecessary and Counterproductive
    There is understandable fear about what might happen to TSMC should China invade Taiwan, but the United States can ensure China does not inherit the company without physically destroying it.