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U.S. President Joe Biden and Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida attend a press conference at Akasaka guest house, in Tokyo, Japan, May 23, 2022. Nicolas Datiche/Pool via REUTERS

What Biden’s Big Shift on Taiwan Means

In moving away from strategic ambiguity, Biden made a long overdue adjustment to U.S. policy. Read More

Why Washington Should Care About India's Support for the AIIB
India’s enthusiasm for the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is driven by the bank's origin, India’s need for financing, and its desire to signal regional leadership.
South Korea
Evolution of U.S.-South Korean Coordination: Parsing Biden’s Joint Statements with Moon and Yoon
The U.S.-South Korea Joint Statement between Presidents Joe Biden and Yoon Suk-yeol from the recent summit in Seoul highlights shared worldview between leaders and cooperation based on common interests and priorities. 
A Political Earthquake From Australia’s Elections
How will Australia's election result affect the region, including U.S.-China competition?
  • China
    China’s Digital Authoritarianism vs. EU Technological Sovereignty: The Impact on Central and Eastern Europe
    China's Digital Silk Road is running into roadblocks in Europe.
  • India
    Priyanka Chaturvedi: India’s Majoritarian Turn Hurts Its Democracy
    India’s many political parties represent the country’s great diversity. But India’s turn toward majoritarianism poses risks for its democracy.
  • China
    Podcast: How China Has Targeted Lithuania, and the Ramifications of This Economic Coercion
    The latest on Sino-Lithuanian relations, and their global implications.
  • China
    Beijing Olympic Tensions, North Korea’s Testing Spree, and South Korea’s New Conservative Leadership
    Developments in China-South Korea and China-North Korea relations between January and April of 2022 include the Beijing Olympics, North Korea's ICBM launch, and the election of Yoon Suk-yeol. 
  • Japan
    Japan Turns Its Attention to Economic Security
    Japan's Economic Security Legislation has been passed.
  • China
    An Analysis of China’s Economic Coercion Against Lithuania
    An update on the poor state of Sino-Lithuanian relations.
  • South Korea
    China-South Korea Relations Under South Korea’s New Yoon Administration: The Challenge Of Defining ‘Mutual Respect’
    The establishment of a stable framework for managing China-South Korea relations under the Yoon Suk-yeol administration will require the two countries to close the gap in understanding of the meaning of “mutual respect.”