China’s Covid-19 Response

Project Expert

Yanzhong Huang
Yanzhong Huang

Senior Fellow for Global Health

About the Project

The emergence of a novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), which was first detected in Wuhan, China, has caused the worst pandemic in a century. The unfolding of the pandemic and China’s response raised a series of questions that have profound implications for both global health security and Chinese politics and foreign policy. These questions include: To what extent has China mishandled the initial outbreak? What are the domestic and foreign policy implications of China’s emergence as an early winner in the fight against Covid-19? How has the international origin probe become politicized? How effective is China’s Covid diplomacy? Why was China able to sustain zero-Covid policy for so long despite tremendous social-economic cost? Will zero-Covid leave a permanent imprint on Chinese domestic politics and the ways in which it deals with the outside world? In view of the role of infectious disease as one of the fundamental parameters and determinants of human history, the project on China’s Covid-19 Response examines these questions through a series of meetings and articles.



China’s post-COVID recovery and reopening efforts are hindered by geopolitical rivalries and national security concerns.


China’s maintenance of the forty-eight hour pre-departure PCR testing requirement has been primarily driven by geopolitical considerations rather than public health concerns.