Mexico and U.S.-Mexico Relations

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Shannon K. O'Neil
Shannon K. O'Neil

Vice President, Deputy Director of Studies, and Nelson and David Rockefeller Senior Fellow for Latin America Studies

About the Project

Mexico has changed remarkably over the last three decades, moving from a closed to an open economy, an authoritarian to a democratic political system, and developing a substantial, if at times fragile, middle class. Still, the country continues to struggle with serious problems, including violence and insecurity, uneven human capital and education, and weak infrastructure. And the last two years have seen assaults on the country's democratic norms, judicial independence, and free press. How Mexico leverages its advantages and confronts its challenges will prove vital to the United States given the deep economic and social ties between the two countries. Building on research for my book, Two Nations Indivisible: Mexico, the United States, and the Road Ahead, as well as the CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force report, North America: Time for a New Focus, I delve into the myriad issues facing Mexico and explore what lies ahead for the country and its relations with the United States. In addition to writing op-eds, short articles, and blog posts, I convene the Roundtable Series on U.S.-Mexico Relations to discuss these issues.