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Stewart M. Patrick assesses the future of world order, state sovereignty, and multilateral cooperation.

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The seventieth session of the United Nations General Assembly at the UN headquarters in New York on September 29, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Segar

How Biden Can Prove That ‘America Is Back’ at the United Nations

Biden should reinvigorate American leadership within the United Nations and invest more energy and resources into multilateral diplomacy.  Read More

Human Rights
Biden and the Future of U.S. Human Rights Policy
The United States can only promote human rights abroad if it begins from a position of humility, acknowledging that the struggle to make America a more perfect union is ongoing.
Climate Change
To Address Climate Change While Protecting Workers, the United States Needs a Border-Adjusted Carbon Tax
The only way to take effective and far-reaching action to combat climate change while also preserving American competitive advantage is the imposition of a carbon tax with border adjustments.
Paris Climate Agreement
Rejoining the Paris Agreement Is the Easy Part for Biden on Climate Change
Biden’s election victory is a huge win for all who care about the living planet. The hard part will be delivering on his ambitious agenda.
  • Election 2020
    An Open World Is in the Balance—and on the Ballot
    As Americans cast their ballots, they are voting for the future not just of their own country, but of the open world that the United States helped create.
  • Election 2020
    The Future of Multilateralism is on the Ballot
    A Biden triumph would repudiate the “America First” platform, but can it overcome the lasting damage Trump has done to America’s standing and credibility?
  • Disasters
    The World Is Woefully Unprepared for Climate-Driven Natural Disasters
    Disaster preparedness is hard, expensive, time-consuming and often thankless work. Failure to invest in it can be catastrophic, however.
  • Coronavirus
    The Time to Start Preparing for the Next Pandemic Is Now
    The fallout from COVID-19 demonstrates that pandemics have broader economic, political and security implications that require multilateral attention.
  • Coronavirus
    Taking Pandemic Preparedness Seriously: Lessons from COVID-19
    The United States must finally translate its longstanding rhetoric about pandemic preparedness into concrete action.
  • World Order
    Hold Those Obituaries for the Liberal World Order
    The rules-based, international system may be in crisis, but its strategic and normative logic is as compelling as ever.
  • Diplomacy and International Institutions
    Gauging Public Support for Multilateralism—Around the World, and in the U.S.
    Recent surveys reveal robust global and U.S. support for international cooperation and the United Nations, but also document stark partisan differences in America.