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Stewart M. Patrick assesses the future of world order, state sovereignty, and multilateral cooperation.

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A tourist guide at the Manu National Park in Peru's southern Amazon region of Madre de Dios on July 17, 2014. REUTERS/Enrique Castro-Mendivil

How Biden Can Embrace Environmental Stewardship

The dramatic loss of global biodiversity poses a grave threat to humanity. The Biden administration has two golden opportunities to embrace environmental stewardship.  Read More

Trump Still Casts a Shadow Over Biden’s Pro-Democracy Ambitions
The rationale behind Biden’s democracy summit is not idealistic but deeply realistic. It reflects a conviction that a world order based on a core of resilient democracies is likely to be a safer, more open, and more prosperous one.
United States
Biden’s Foreign Policy Takes Shape
Biden drew the curtain on the disastrous Trump era, emphasizing the nation’s strength at home determines its success abroad—and vice versa.
Nuclear Weapons
Apocalypse Now: It’s Time to Watch the Doomsday Clock
The Doomsday Clock reads just 100 seconds to midnight. Whether the world moves in a more hopeful direction this year depends partly on the United States.
  • Global Governance
    To Prevent Pandemics and Protect Biodiversity, Combat Wildlife Crime
    The Global Initiative to End Wildlife Crime proposes a practical approach to tackling the illicit trade in wild animals. The world should embrace it.
  • Democracy
    Biden’s Summit for Democracy Is More Needed Than Ever
    The Biden administration should still host its proposed Summit for Democracy provided it approaches it in the spirit of humility rather than hubris.
  • United States
    What Are Biden’s Actual Prospects for Reviving Transatlantic Relations?
    Washington will need to work toward a more equal strategic partnership with Europe, rather than continue to assume U.S. leadership.
  • Global Governance
    Up in the Air: Ten Global Summits That Will Test Joe Biden in 2021
    Ten major summits in 2021 will help determine the future of international security, freedom, prosperity, development, health, and indeed of the planet itself.
  • Climate Change
    Can We Use Geoengineering to Defend Ourselves?
    The world needs to consider geoengineering uses now before we are forced into a hasty decision with potentially disastrous consequences.
  • Energy and Climate Policy
    It’s Time for a New Concept of Development Adapted to the Anthropocene
    Our economic models have failed to adjust to dire ecological realities, placing humans and the planet on a collision course.
  • Space
    Biden Will Have to Confront a New and Perhaps More Dangerous Space Race
    The cooperative vision of space is under stress. Biden should commit the United States to forge new norms and rules of collective security to manage the shared risks and advance the common purposes of all peace-loving nations.