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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen presents the EU's new climate policy proposals as EU Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni sits next to her, in Brussels, Belgium on July 14, 2021. REUTERS/Yves Herman

The EU's 'Fit for 55' Just Raised the Bar on Climate Policy

When it comes to climate change diplomacy, the European Union is the world’s heavy hitter. But will the world follow its lead? Read More

Global Governance
Ending Modern Slavery Must Be Part of ‘Build Back Better’
Turning the world’s pious words into concrete actions to end modern slavery will require focused attention from world leaders, generous resources from wealthy governments, and an end to impunity for perpetrators.
Who Built That? Labor and the Belt and Road Initiative
Highlighting the Belt and Road Initiative’s problematic labor practices, and pressing China to tighten regulations further, is an important step toward improving the human outcomes associated with BRI.
Diplomacy and International Institutions
Biden and Johnson’s ‘New Atlantic Charter’ Has Big Shoes to Fill
The New Atlantic Charter seeks to rally the West at a time of global crisis. Whether it has a similar, enduring influence is likely to depend more on domestic U.S. political developments than on global geopolitical trends.
  • Diplomacy and International Institutions
    Biden Seeks to Revive U.S.-Europe Relations
    Is America back and able to make the West once again the core of an open, rules-based world order? Biden and his counterparts have an opportunity to prove skeptics wrong this week.
  • Global Governance
    The Four Contending Approaches to Multilateralism Under Biden
    The debate between going it alone versus working with others has ended. The debate over alternative forms of multilateralism has just begun.
  • Global Governance
    When Assessing Geopolitical Risks of Geoengineering, Don’t Assume the Future Will Look Like the Past
    Attempting to shut down discussion of the potential weaponization of geoengineering is unwise. We can only see a short way into the future.
  • Global Governance
    Preventing the Next Pandemic Will Take More Than Good Ideas
    COVID-19 has been a pandemic of inequalities and inequities. A new report offers useful recommendations going forward but offers too few details and no roadmap on how to achieve them.
  • Global Governance
    To Prevent Future Pandemics, Start by Protecting Nature
    We have entered a new era of infectious disease. The path to global health security begins with protecting nature.
  • Energy and Environment
    To Save the Natural World, Put a Price on It
    Collapsing biodiversity is a major ecological emergency. In the wake of Earth Day, it’s worth stepping back to consider the financial value of biodiversity's ecosystem services.
  • Global Governance
    Can Solar Geoengineering Be Used as a Weapon?
    The premise that solar geoengineering is weaponizable is either false or grossly overstated. It is time to leave such distractions behind and focus more squarely on the real dilemmas of this otherwise promising technology.