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Cristina Mamani walks near an unused boat in Lake Poopo, Bolivia's second largest lake which has dried up due to water diversion for regional irrigation needs and a warmer, drier climate, according to local residents and scientists on July 24, 2021. REUTERS/Claudia Morales

The Crisis of the Century: How the United States Can Protect Climate Migrants

The disastrous effects of climate change could displace more than a billion people in the next thirty years. International and domestic legal systems cannot continue to let climate migrants slip through the cracks. Read More

International Law
A Callous Disregard for Child Victims of Gun Violence Is American Exceptionalism Run Amok
As a developed economy, the United States' failure to protect its youth is as uniquely American as its aversion to ratifying international treaties. That exceptionalism, however, goes too far in the context of school shootings.
Security Alliances
The G7, NATO, and the Future of the West
Rather than making democracy a litmus test, G7 and NATO leaders would gain more traction by focusing on the need for all countries to defend the fundamental rules of the international system grounded in the UN Charter.
International Law
The United States and the International Justice Enterprise
The United States has been all but a willing and eager participant in the modern transnational justice project. As atrocities mount in Ukraine, a bipartisan cohort of senators thinks there is a chance to expand that participation.
  • Arctic
    How the Russia-Ukraine War Challenges Arctic Governance
    The Russian invasion of Ukraine presents the greatest obstacle to Arctic governance since the Cold War. The boycott of the Arctic Council will permanently diminish its scope and leave Arctic security issues unresolved.
  • Climate Change
    To Reduce Growing Climate Dangers, the World Needs to Consider Sunlight Reflection
    Nothing about the present climate crisis or its implications is natural. Perhaps how the world deals with a warming planet shouldn't be either.
  • Global Governance
    Does the UN Risk Becoming a Second League of Nations?
    The war in Ukraine marks the biggest test for the United Nations in three decades, but its failure is not inevitable, nor is it destined for irrelevance.
  • Ukraine
    Putin’s Two-Front War
    Putin has launched an assault on the post-World War II rules-based international system on two fronts; credible U.S. leadership in the conflict requires retaliating against Russian aggression on both.
  • Foreign Policy
    Outdated Cold War Analogies Could Lead the West Astray
    The applicability of the Truman Doctrine to the West's present confrontation with Russia is constrained by the realities of a different time, seventy-five years ago.
  • Ukraine
    Putin’s Catastrophic War of Choice: Lessons Learned (So Far)
    Although the situation in Ukraine continues to evolve rapidly, there are already several vital lessons to glean from Russia's incursion into the sovereign territory of its neighbor.
  • Ukraine
    The Russia-Ukraine Crisis Could Determine the Future of Sovereignty
    Despite the host of unknowns muddling the crisis at the Russia-Ukraine border, the situation does clearly expose how countries manipulate a bedrock principle of the state-based international system to suit their needs.