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Stewart M. Patrick assesses the future of world order, state sovereignty, and multilateral cooperation.

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An Indigenous girl from the Parintintin tribe sits on a cut tree trunk in Traira village near Humaita, Amazonas State, Brazil, on August 16, 2019. REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino

To Prevent Future Pandemics, Start by Protecting Nature

We have entered a new era of infectious disease. The path to global health security begins with protecting nature. Read More

Energy and Environment
To Save the Natural World, Put a Price on It
Collapsing biodiversity is a major ecological emergency. In the wake of Earth Day, it’s worth stepping back to consider the financial value of biodiversity's ecosystem services.
Global Governance
Can Solar Geoengineering Be Used as a Weapon?
The premise that solar geoengineering is weaponizable is either false or grossly overstated. It is time to leave such distractions behind and focus more squarely on the real dilemmas of this otherwise promising technology.
The Belt and Road Initiative: Forcing Europe to Reckon with China?
In addition to undermining European unity, BRI may also work to cleave the transatlantic alliance. To head off these dilemmas, Europe will need to provide clear alternatives to Chinese infrastructure spending.
  • Energy and Environment
    Biden’s Climate Pledge Puts U.S. Credibility on the Line
    Biden’s Earth Day summit leaves important, lingering questions, the most important of these being the feasibility and credibility of his plans.
  • Global Governance
    The Biden Administration and the Future of Multilateralism
    For multilateralism to be credible, the Biden administration will need to reconsolidate a U.S. political consensus on global engagement and persuade foreign partners of America’s global staying power.
  • Global Governance
    The U.S. Intelligence Community’s Harrowing Take on Our Possible Futures
    In the next 40 years, institutions at all levels could struggle to adapt to abrupt demographic shifts, economic turbulence, runaway climate change, and technological innovation.
  • Energy and Environment
    The ‘30x30’ Campaign to Save the Biosphere
    To preserve a stable biosphere, scientists believe humanity must protect 30 percent of the Earth by 2030, and ideally half of the planet by midcentury.
  • China
    China’s Belt and Road Initiative Should Be on the World Bank and IMF’s Agenda
    The Spring Meetings should address BRI’s pitfalls and advance policies to help put BRI countries on the path toward recovery and sustainable growth.
  • Global Governance
    A Concert of Powers Is an Idea Whose Time Has Come—and Gone
    A global concert of major powers has undeniable attraction as a potential deus ex machina in our age of global turbulence. But its elegant simplicity is a mirage.
  • Climate Change
    The Climate Challenge and China's Belt and Road Initiative
    BRI's fossil fuel investments will make combatting climate change more difficult. The U.S. needs to offer developing nations an alternative means of acquiring clean energy.