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Senators Grassley (R-IA), left, and Klobuchar (D-MN), right, in a committee hearing. Getty Images

Cyber Week in Review: October 22, 2021

Iranian malware identified across the Middle East; the reemergence of DarkSide; the Counter-Ransomware Initiative meets; LinkedIn shuts down platform in China; Klobuchar pushes antitrust bill. Read More

Why the United States Should Have Invited Russia to Join the Counter-Ransomware Initiative
The Biden administration recently hosted a ransomware summit which excluded the Russian government. The United States should have done more to involve Russia in ransomware negotiations.
Digital Policy
The U.S. Should Get Serious About Submarine Cable Security
Even if overlooked, these metal tubes are essential to the global internet as we know it.
Digital Policy
Ransomware’s Path to Product/Market Fit
The economics of cybersecurity have long benefited attackers, but ransomware has become so successful that if these criminal gangs running the attacks were viewed as startups, they would all be unicorns.
  • Cybersecurity
    Statecraft and Strategy Under the Eroding Monopoly of Cyber Intelligence
    The question of who “owns” cyber intelligence has profound implications for the geopolitical landscape. Grappling with this reality and its consequences is crucial.
  • Labor and Employment
    The Robots are Coming, but We’ll Still Have a Global Digital Underclass
    Dr. Mary Gray revealed the hidden realities of the overlooked and undervalued workers driving our economy through their labor—what Gray calls “ghost work.”
  • China
    China's Internet Trolls Go Global
    Chinese trolls are beginning to pose serious threats to economic security, political stability, and personal safety worldwide.
  • Myanmar
    Resistance Amid Digital Totalitarianism: The Case of Myanmar
    As the military junta continues to suppress internet access across the country, the people of Myanmar are discovering new techniques of digital resistance.
  • Global Governance
    The UN Security Council Tackles Emerging Technologies
    The UN Security Council’s first debate on emerging technologies exposed some familiar tensions even as it trod new ground for the UN body with primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security.
  • Cybersecurity
    The EU’s Response to SolarWinds
    While EU’s issuance of the declaration of solidarity in response to the SolarWinds cyber campaign is a sign of progress, it fails to provide clarification on what, if any, further actions can be expected from Brussels.
  • China
    Evil Eye Gazes Beyond China’s Borders: Troubling Trends in Chinese Cyber Campaigns
    Incidents like the Evil Eye campaign show an empowered China increasingly willing to use cyber attacks and information operations in pursuit of its political goals.