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Kwasi Kwarteng arrives at 10 Downing Street, the UK Prime Minister's residence, in September 2022. Phil Noble/Reuters

Cyber Week in Review: November 18, 2022

UK blocks semiconductor factory sale; Australia plans cyberattacks on ransomware groups; Google settles location tracking lawsuit; U.S. and EU will release a new AI roadmap; Italy bans facial recognition technology. Read More

Cyber Week in Review: November 10, 2022
Nvidia begins offering new microchip; Japan joins NATO cyber center; Greece to ban sale of spyware; Meta and Twitter lay off thousands of employees; Germany blocks sale of semiconductor factory.
New Entries in the CFR Cyber Operations Tracker: Q3 2022
An update of the Council on Foreign Relations' Cyber Operations Tracker for the period between July and September 2022.
Cyber Week in Review: November 4, 2022
U.S. sanctions Iranian groups after crackdowns; Mondelez reaches settlement in NotPetya case; U.S. hosts ransomware summit; Red Cross proposes adding digital emblem to systems; Digital Markets Act enters force.
  • China
    China’s Latest National Infrastructure Project Spotlights Computing Capabilities
    A new computing project in China aims to reorient the country's data processing capabilities while jumpstarting lagging growth in interior provinces and meeting increasingly demanding environmental regulations.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: October 28, 2022
    TikTok accused of monitoring U.S. citizens; Hacktivists leak documents from Iran's nuclear program; DOJ charges Chinese intelligence officers; Chinese influence campaign detected; Elon Musk buys Twitter
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: October 21, 2022
    China bans some WeChat users; China using U.S. technology in hypersonic missiles; Russia centralizes video surveillance; U.S. announces new cybersecurity guidelines for railroads; FBI warns hackers scanning election systems.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: October 14, 2022
    Germany's cybersecurity chief faces dismissal; Ukraine experiences internet disruptions; GCHQ head warns of China threat; Biden to launch new cybersecurity program; Semiconductor firms begin to pull out of China.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: October 7, 2022
    Ghanaian electricity provider hit by ransomware; U.S. further limits semiconductor exports to China; CLOUD Act enters force; Micron announces new U.S. chip fab; Biden signs order implementing U.S.-EU data privacy agreement.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: September 30, 2022
    Facebook takes down influence operations; UN elects new ITU head; Russian APTs use hacktivists as cover; Proton VPN pulls out of India; rumors of fake coup in China spread.
  • Cybersecurity
    Russia’s Internet Censor Is Also a Surveillance Machine
    Russia's internet censorship has often been an opaque concept. Recent hack and leak operations, however, have shined light on the prominent role that Roskomnadzor plays in surveilling the internet and crushing dissent.