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TikTok Chief Executive Shou Zi Chew testifies before a House Energy and Commerce Committee on March 23, 2023. Evelyn Hockstein/Reuters

Cyber Week in Review: March 24, 2023

TikTok CEO testifies before the House; Google releases AI chatbot; U.S. authorities shut down cybercrime forum; U.S. unveils new semiconductor rules; Google suspends Chinese app. Read More

The Dangers of a New Russian Proposal for a UN Convention on International Information Security
Russia recently issued a new draft for a UN international convention on cybersecurity. An alternative proposal offers a freer vision of internet governance, and would provide a more action-oriented process on negotiations.
Cyber Week in Review: March 17, 2023
TikTok explores separating from ByteDance; OpenAI releases GPT-4; SEC proposes tighter rules on financial system cybersecurity; CISA establishes ransomware warning system; Samsung announces $228 billion hub in South Korea. 
Raising the Political Priority of Cybersecurity in Latin America
Latin American has some bright spots when it comes to cybersecurity, but progress has been inconsistent. Governments and regional bodies need to do more to coordinate and increase visibility around cyber threats in Latin America.
  • Cybersecurity
    Russia’s War Against Ukraine is Catalyzing Internet Fragmentation
    After its invasion of Ukraine, concerns flared over a decoupling of Russia from the global internet. This has not materialized, but we may be witnessing the start of a more fundamental fragmentation of the global internet.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: March 10, 2023
    TSA announces new airport cyber standards; EPA outlines cyber review process for water systems; Germany may ban Huawei and ZTE; Police arrest ransomware gang members; China to establish National Data Administration.
  • Technology and Innovation
    Ford-CATL Partnership Illustrates the Challenge of Decoupling EV Supply Chains
    Ford Motor Company's partnership with a Chinese battery manufacturer encapsulates the difficulty of the United States to balance private sector interests with the desire to reduce dependence on China.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: March 3, 2023
    Biden administration releases cyber strategy; Chinese government issues new digital plan; ransomware attack hits U.S. Marshals Service; U.S. and allies host semiconductor meeting; Australia establishes new cyber office.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: February 24, 2023
    Russia plans to unveil new surveillance system; China unmasks Against The West; EU bans TikTok on government devices; EU warns of Chinese APT campaigns; Go Daddy reports multi-year breach.
  • Technology and Innovation
    How to Prioritize the Next Generation of Critical Technologies
    The U.S. government should invest in a bottom-up capability for identifying the next generation of emerging technologies and innovators. This will enable agencies to prioritize critical technologies earlier in their development.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: February 17, 2023
    U.S. bans six Chinese organizations following balloon incident; Beijing to support development of large AI models; Chris Inglis departs ONCD; TI announces $11 billion U.S. fab; Israeli company ran large disinformation campaigns.