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Ruslan Khansvyarov, one of the suspected members of REvil detained by the FSB earlier this week, sits in court in Moscow. Press Service of Tverskoy District Court of Moscow

Cyber Week in Review: January 21, 2022

Russia arrests REvil affiliates; Ukraine targeted in cyberattacks; Regulator rules that Google Analytics violated GDPR; Europol seizes VPN used by ransomware groups; DEA ordered Whatsapp to spy on Chinese phones. Read More

Cyber Week in Review: January 14, 2022
Danish intelligence chief detained over leaks; Cyber Command releases malware samples; White House hosts summit on open-source software; Omicron outbreak in Xi'an threatens semiconductor supply chains.
Cyber Week in Review: January 7, 2022
Poland purchased Pegasus spyware; Indian announces investigation of Apple; China surveils foreign social media; Russian IT executive extradited; China mandates cybersecurity reviews.
Cyber Week in Review: December 17, 2021
Log4j vulnerability a serious threat; Huawei documents reveal sale of surveillance technologies; Ukraine arrests dozens in data theft ring; Biden ramps up restrictions on Chinese firms; Oppo launches its first in-house chip.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: December 10, 2021
    Pegasus used to spy on American diplomats; Swiss firm accused of selling access to users' phone information; Microsoft seizes Chinese threat actor's domains; Life360 is selling precise user data.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: December 3, 2021
    U.S. says Israel was responsible for cyberattack on Iran; Planned Parenthood suffers a major data breach; Israel cracks down on spyware; Panasonic reveals months-long server breach; China announces sprawling surveillance system.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: November 19, 2021
    FBI website used to send hoax email; Biden restricts Huawei and ZTE sales; CAC tightens restrictions on Hong Kong IPOs; Israel and the U.S. unveil cybersecurity task force; Meta sued by Ohio Attorney General.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: November 12, 2021
    The House passes major infrastructure bill; China accuses Indian group perpetrated airline hacks; Justice Department charges REvil associates; Meta announces ad changes; TSMC will build a $7 billion factory in Japan.
  • Cybersecurity
    AI Code Generation and Cybersecurity
    AI will revolutionize the way that we write computer programs. The U.S. government and industries need to invest in AI as a cybersecurity tool.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: November 5, 2021
    China's personal information law goes into effect; Israeli companies targeted by ransomware; NSO Group blacklisted; Social media's falling revenue; Biden announces bounty on DarkSide leaders; Yahoo pulls out of China.
  • China
    DoD's 2021 China Military Power Report: How Advances in AI and Emerging Technologies Will Shape China’s Military
    China is leveraging emerging technologies such as autonomous systems, quantum, cyber and more to challenge U.S. interests in the Indo-Pacific. The latest DoD report on Chinese military power explains what the PLA is doing.