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New from CFR: Laurie Garrett on U.S. Global Health Arrangements

July 13, 2012

President Barack Obama greets a baby as he visits a hospital in Accra, Ghana on July 11, 2009 (Jason Reed/Courtesy Reuters).
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In a recent post on her blog, Laurie Garrett, CFR senior fellow for global health, discussed historical and ongoing changes in the U.S. government’s global health bureaucracy, focusing on the impending closure of the State Department’s Global Health Initiative office. As Garrett writes:

For those of you that haven’t dedicated hours to tracking the U.S. foreign assistance bureaucracy this may seem a dreadful exercise in inside baseball, but I assure you that this matters. We have an American expression that neatly summarizes what is going on—“trying to get the biggest bang for the buck.” This is what happens when cataclysmic global economics meets austerity + dire global health needs, mixed inside an American bureaucratic Cuisinart.

You can view the full post on The Garrett Update.