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Mossack Fonseca law firm sign is pictured in Panama City, April 4, 2016. Carlos Jasso/Reuters

Corruption Brief Series: How Anonymous Shell Companies Finance Insurgents, Criminals, and Dictators

The latest paper in the Corruption Brief series from the Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy program at the Council on Foreign Relations was published this month. In the brief, Dr. Jodi Vittori, senior policy advisor at Global Witness, addresses the myriad problems posed by anonymous shell companies – corporate entities with few or no employees and no substantive business, which offer a convenient way to privately move money through the international financial system. Read More

What Latin America Can Learn From Past Anticorruption Success
As Latin America reflects on its current wave of anticorruption successes—including the arrest of former Guatemalan president, Odebrecht prosecutions in Peru, and the ongoing Lava Jato cleanup in Bra…
Helping U.S. Lawyers in the Fight Against International Corruption
Last year was momentous for the breadth and depth of corruption revealed globally. Among the many remarkable events of 2016, the massive Panama Papers release, the multinational Odebrecht settlement,…
If NAFTA Ends, Ford's Move to China Will Be Just the Start
Ford announced this week that instead of building its new Focus – the best-selling car in the world – in a new $1.6 billion dollar Mexico-based plant, it will ship cars for North American customers f…
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    Corruption Brief Series: Lessons from Guatemala
    I am pleased to share the latest report in the Corruption Brief series from the Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy program at the Council on Foreign Relations. In this report, I focus on the case …
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    The Future of Anticorruption in U.S. Foreign Policy
    Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hosting the Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy program’s symposium on “The Future of Anticorruption in U.S. Foreign Policy.” We started the day off with Senator Be…
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    Latin America’s Accountability Revolution
    A wave of corruption scandals has roiled Latin America in recent years, from Chile’s campaign finance affairs, through Mexico’s Casa Blanca revelations. Most recently, the information divulged in the…
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    Mexico Plummets in Annual Corruption Rankings
    Transparency International yesterday released its annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) that ranks 176 countries on a scale from zero (highly corrupt) to one-hundred (very clean), based on the op…
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    Fighting Bangladesh’s Sweatshops
    In late December, tens of thousands of Bangladeshi garment workers went on strike, shutting down over fifty factories making fast-fashion clothes for international brands including Gap, H&M, and Zara…
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    This Week in Markets and Democracy: Asian Trade Openness, Palm Oil Abuses, Global Magnitsky
    Trade Rules Favor Asia, Not the United States Asia’s rise in the global trading system continues. Recent World Economic Forum data shows that the ten Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) m…
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    Five Questions on Innovative Finance With Georgia Levenson Keohane
    This post features a conversation with Georgia Levenson Keohane, executive director of the Pershing Square Foundation, adjunct professor of social enterprise at Columbia Business School, and author o…