from Pressure Points and Middle East Program

The Syria Charade Turns Ghastly

June 7, 2012

Blog Post

Today UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon told the Security Council that "Heavy weapons, armor-piercing bullets and surveillance drones have been used against UN observers in Syria to hamper their efforts to monitor the worsening conflict...." Ban condemned the most recent massacre as "an unspeakable barbarity" and called for implementation of the Kofi Annan peace plan.

"The most recent massacre" is a term that will have a new meaning each day, as more massacres are reported. And each day the charade being conducted at the UN will be more ghastly, for it is increasingly detached from the murderous reality on the ground in Syria. “The time has come for the international community to unite around a plan for post-Assad Syria,” said Secretary Clinton today, as if there were an "international community."  I have been quoting her February 23 statement that "World opinion is not going to stand idly by" since February 23.

What’s missing is leadership and determination from Washington. Maybe world opinion isn’t going to stand idly by, but apparently her president is. I urge her to come back from her travels and go to the Oval Office. That’s where the end to this barbarism in Syria will begin.