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  • Vatican City
    Papacy in Transition
    The surprise resignation of Pope Benedict XVI has given rise to speculations that the next pontiff to lead the Catholic Church will hail from the developing world, says expert James P. McCartin.
  • Religion
    U.S.-Vatican Relations
    U.S.-Vatican relations remain uneven following Joseph Ratzinger’s accession as Pope Benedict XVI, particularly as the Obama administration pursues a more liberal social agenda.
  • Vatican City
    Vatican-Israel Relations
    Relations between the Vatican and Israel are a complex combination of diplomacy mixed with interfaith discussion.
  • Religion
    Shah: Pope to Stress ‘Importance of Peace’ in Iraq, Middle East
    Timothy Samuel Shah, a scholar on religious issues, says that when Pope Benedict XVI makes his first visit to the United States as pope, it will give Americans their first chance to hear firsthand his views on Iraq, the environment, and immigration.
  • Vatican City
    Pope Benedict’s First Twelve Months
    Pope Benedict XVI’s first year has been quiet and at times confusing to his critics. But experts caution against reading too much of a theological shift into the pope’s tranquil beginnings.
  • Vatican City
    The Pope’s Soft-Power Push
    Pope Francis will use his upcoming high-level visits to the U.S. and UN to press the concerns of the poor and marginalized, says expert Kenneth Himes.
  • United States
    Mallaby: Ratings Agencies ’Ought to be Discredited’ by Credit Meltdown
    Sebastian Mallaby, director of CFR’s Center for Geoeconomic Studies, says the skewed governing securities ratings agencies is partly to blame for stock market turmoil.