Academic Webinar: China-Russia Relations

Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Sputnik Photo Agency/Reuters

Distinguished Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations

Maurice R. Greenberg Fellow for China Studies, Council on Foreign Relations


Vice President for National Program and Outreach, Council on Foreign Relations

Thomas Graham, distinguished fellow at CFR, and Zongyuan Zoe Liu, Maurice R. Greenberg fellow for China studies at CFR, lead the conversation on China-Russia relations.

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Vladimir Putin’s grip on power in Russia does not appear as ironclad as it once did. Liana Fix and Maria Snegovaya recommend that the United States prepare for potential leadership change in Moscow and develop response strategies with its allies to mitigate fallout. 


A court in Hong Kong has ordered the liquidation of Chinese property developer Evergrande Group, once the world’s largest real estate company. The failure could pose obstacles to China’s economic recovery.