Virtual Symposium

Ending Human Trafficking in the 21st Century Symposium

Monday, June 28, 2021
Two workers, surrounded by rows of solar panels, carry solar panels.

The Ending Human Trafficking in the Twenty-First Century Symposium reflects on efforts to combat human trafficking over the past two decades and explores new tools to accelerate progress at home and abroad. The full agenda is available here

This symposium is cosponsored with the Women and Foreign Policy Program.

Keynote Session With Guy Ryder
Guy Ryder discusses the economic cost of forced labor and highlights the ways in which governments and the private sector can join forces to combat human trafficking.
Session II: The Private Sector—Global Supply Chains and Labor Trafficking
Panelists discuss how labor trafficking in global supply chains intersects with people’s daily lives—from the products they buy and the food they consume to the clothes they wear. It also highlights the structural factors—including poverty, inequality, conflict, and migration—that exacerbate the risks of labor trafficking, with a focus on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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