The Global Burden of Disease and Its Implications for U.S. Policy

Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Christopher Murray

Professor of Global Health, University of Washington; Director, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

Jennifer Kates

Vice President and Director of Global Health and HIV Policy, Kaiser Family Foundation


Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow for Global Health, Economics, and Development

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China's tariffs on U.S. commodities? A huge impact. Especially on bilateral trade. But also on global U.S. exports of soybeans. China's tariffs on U.S. manufactures? By comparison, a relative modest impact.


The narrow and congested Mideast waterway has become a site of escalating U.S.-Iran tensions. Conflict in the wake of tanker attacks there could jolt global oil supplies.

Democratic Republic of Congo

An outbreak in the DRC has spread to neighboring Uganda, and conflict and mistrust of health workers is impeding international efforts to contain the disease.