Great Power Competition and Cyber Conflict

Tuesday, January 7, 2020
Great Power Competition and Cyber Conflict
Ben Buchanan

Assistant Teaching Professor, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, and Senior Faculty Fellow, Center for Security and Emerging Technology, Georgetown University

Mike Gallagher

U.S. Representative from Wisconsin (R), U.S. House of Representatives

John Hultquist

Director, Intelligence Analysis, FireEye, Inc.

Angus King Jr.

U.S. Senator from Maine (I), U.S. Senate

James N. Miller Jr.

Senior Fellow, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Priscilla Moriuchi

Senior Principal Researcher and Head of Nation-State Research, Recorded Future

Jacquelyn G. Schneider

Hoover Fellow, Hoover Institution

R. David Edelman

Director, Project on Technology, the Economy, and National Security, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Linda Robinson

Senior International Policy Analyst, RAND Corporation

Shannon Vavra

Reporter, CyberScoop

This symposium, held January 7, 2020, addressed the potential consequences of great power competition in cyberspace and examined the current state of Russian, Chinese, Iranian, and North Korean cyber operations, as well as how the United States is responding.

The keynote session was led by Angus King and Mike Gallagher of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission. 

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