Virtual Roundtable: The Epidemic of Gun Violence in American Schools

Tuesday, May 2, 2023
Reuters/Marco Bello
Arne Duncan

Managing Partner, Emerson Collective

Megan Ranney

Academic Dean, Brown School of Public Health


Senior Fellow for Global Health, Council on Foreign Relations

Roundtable Series on Global Health, Economics, and Development

Gun violence has become integral to the American childhood. With an estimated three million U.S. children exposed to shootings every year, the physical, psychological, and societal toll of gun violence on the youngest generations continues to grow. Analyzing this crisis through the lens of public health could shed light on novel ways to alleviate and eliminate the burden of gun violence. Our speakers, Arne Duncan, former secretary of education, and Megan Ranney, academic dean at Brown University School of Public Health, discuss this ongoing epidemic of violence.

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