Virtual Roundtable: Healthcare Worker Shortages on National Disaster Preparedness

Friday, May 5, 2023
Celine Rani Gounder

Senior Fellow, Kaiser Family Foundation; Editor-at-Large for Public Health, Kaiser Health News

Craig Spencer

Emergency Medicine Physician and Associate Professor of the Practice of Health Services, Policy and Practice, Brown University School of Public Health


Senior Fellow for Global Health, Council on Foreign Relations

Prior to the pandemic, staffing shortages were a growing challenge for U.S. health systems. COVID-19 has catalyzed a national crisis in the health workforce with increasing rates of staff turnover and attrition. Seakers, Celine Gounder, senior fellow at the Kaiser Family Foundation, and Craig Spencer, emergency medicine physician and associate professor at the Brown University School of Public Health, discuss burnout and other factors driving away health workers as well as policy options for addressing the staffing shortages.

This meeting was made possible by the generous support of Bloomberg Philanthropies

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