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Captain Jeff Randall most recently served as the chief of staff for the Seventh Coast Guard District, headquartered in Miami, Florida, overseeing operations in the Southeast United States and the Caribbean basin. A career afloat officer, Captain Randall commanded Coast Guard cutters James, Diligence, Walnut, and Staten Island. When serving ashore, he has served in policy, strategy, and programmatic oversight roles including service as the chief of Atlantic Area Operational Forces, where he oversaw the scheduling, employment, maintenance, and administration of all Coast Guard ships, deployable specialized forces, boat forces, and aviation forces supporting Coast Guard missions from the Rocky Mountains to the Arabian Gulf. Captain Randall has also served as the Coast Guard liaison to the chief of naval operations, operations, plans and strategy staff; assistant branch chief for enforcement in the Coast Guard’s Fifth District; and the executive officer of the North Pacific Regional Fisheries Training Center. He received his commission from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 1993, holds a master’s degree in marine affairs from the University of Washington, and served as the Coast Guard’s federal executive fellow to the Brookings Institution. Captain Randall’s research interests include transnational crime and drug policy, grand strategy, international organizations with an emphasis on regional fisheries management organizations, forest and land management, and illegal fishing.

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