Council Completes Nation’s First Online Encyclopedia of Terrorism

September 12, 2002
1:43 pm (EST)

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Council Completes Nation’s First Online Encyclopedia of Terrorism

September 9, 2002— The Council on Foreign Relations has completed its unique online encyclopedia of terrorism and America’s response, giving the public an authoritative primer on what the experts know——and don’t know. “As we remember the tragic events of September 11, this unparalleled resource offers a way to help understand them — and the wider terrorism challenges we still face,” said Council President Leslie H. Gelb.

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Written by a nonpartisan Council team and drawing upon leading experts, TERRORISM: QUESTIONS & ANSWERS provides up-to-date, authoritative information on more than 120 topics — from profiles of major terrorist groups to weapons of mass destruction to homeland security — in a crisp and clear Q&A format. The site also features This Week in the War on Terrorism, a comprehensive weekly roundup in key areas such as the 9/11 investigation, the war in Afghanistan, and the global repercussions of the attacks.

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Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Produced in cooperation with the Markle Foundation, the site has been hailed by leading journalists and foreign policy experts as the preeminent source for trustworthy information about 9/11 and America’s new war. “There’s simply nothing like it on the web, or anywhere else,” said Warren Bass, Council senior fellow and editor of the site.


“Today you need one place to go for the most accurate information about the fast-changing war on terrorism. I go to”

— Charlie Rose

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“WEBSITES WORTH A LOOK: Those in a twist over the increasingly complex story of the war on terrorism can straighten themselves out on the Council on Foreign Relations’ newly launched”

The Washington Post

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Terrorism and Counterterrorism

“At a time when terrorism is a hidden and present danger, Terrorism: Questions & Answers provides clear and essential information. The current and comprehensive knowledge it offers makes it possible to better understand and deal with the challenges and threats we face.”

—Garrick Utley, CNN

“The public needs one place to find answers to its questions on terrorism, a place that is reliable and non partisan. This is it.”

—Senator Warren B. Rudman

“By launching the nation’s first online encyclopedia of terrorism, the Council has consolidated all the vast and conflicting information out there into an easy-to-use and authoritative resource.”

—Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke

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