Episode 7: New Voices in the Struggle Over History

Episode 7: New Voices in the Struggle Over History

People release doves as a symbol of peace at the Yasukuni Shrine for the war dead in Tokyo August 15, 2012, on the anniversary of Japan's surrender in World War II. Issei Kato/Reuters
from Nationalism, Japan, and a Changing Asia

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The legacies of colonialism and war have long plagued Japan’s relations with South Korea, yet the politics of these issues are never static. Professor Celeste Arrington looks at the recent rise of activist citizen movements in Japan and South Korea and how they have changed the conversation over war memory in both countries.


This podcast series is part of a project on Northeast Asian Nationalisms and the U.S.-Japan Alliance, which is made possible through support from the U.S.-Japan Foundation.

Sheila A. Smith

Senior Fellow for Japan Studies

Celeste Arrington

Korea Foundation Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, George Washington University