Podcast: Fifteen Minutes With Joshua Wong

Podcast: Fifteen Minutes With Joshua Wong

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When Hong Kong police cleared the streets of Umbrella Movement protestors in December 2014, many feared for the fate of the city’s democracy movement. But two years later, in September’s elections, a handful of those same protestors won triumphant victories in Legislative Council elections. Joshua Wong, the twenty-year-old secretary general of the political party Demosistō, sat down with me last week to stress the importance of this moment to his shared fight for self-determination. Will democracy advocates be able to accomplish their aims through their new positions? And how far is Beijing willing to go in order to intervene in Hong Kong affairs and suppress democratic activities? By traveling abroad, Wong seeks to win support from international NGOs, governments, and individuals for his party’s cause. Listen below to hear more about the state of the democratic movement in Hong Kong and Wong’s hopeful vision for the next generation of Hong Kong’s youth.

Elizabeth C. Economy

C. V. Starr Senior Fellow and Director for Asia Studies