Secretary Colin Powell’s Funeral, Bennett and Putin Meet, and More

Americans remember former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Israeli and Russian leaders hold a summit in Sochi, and China undergoes a World Trade Organization policy review.

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  • James M. Lindsay
    Senior Vice President, Director of Studies, and Maurice R. Greenberg Chair
  • Robert McMahon
    Managing Editor

Show Notes

Americans remember former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Israeli and Russian leaders hold a summit in Sochi, and China undergoes a World Trade Organization policy review.


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North Korea

World leaders gather for the sixtieth Munich Security Conference with growing concerns about a continued war in Ukraine and threats to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) cohesion; the African Union holds its annual summit as multiple crises mount, including armed conflict and democratic blacksliding; Kim Jong Un increases aggressive language and acts as North Korea prepares to celebrate the late father and leader Kim Jong Il’s birthday; and former Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is nominated to lead a coalition government as the new prime minister.


Chile works to recover from the devastating wildfire in its central Valparaíso region; the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) continues with its 2024 Steadfast Defender exercise, the largest since the Cold War, while uncertainty over members’ commitment grows; Indonesia, the world’s third-largest democracy, holds vast general elections; and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken attempts to reach a deal for a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and hostage release.


The Joe Biden administration contends with how to respond to a deadly attack on U.S. service members at a base in Jordan while also preventing a wider regional war; a faltering economy clouds festivities as millions of Chinese travel home for Lunar New Year; Pakistan will elect a new prime minister and National Assembly, but lackluster candidates, economic crisis, and unraveling security situation loom over the vote; and Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger announce their withdrawal from the Economic Community of West African States, increasing security concerns in western Africa.

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Vladimir Putin’s grip on power in Russia does not appear as ironclad as it once did. Liana Fix and Maria Snegovaya recommend that the United States prepare for potential leadership change in Moscow and develop response strategies with its allies to mitigate fallout. 


A court in Hong Kong has ordered the liquidation of Chinese property developer Evergrande Group, once the world’s largest real estate company. The failure could pose obstacles to China’s economic recovery.