The World Next Week: April 21, 2011

A preview of world events in the coming week from

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  • Matt Pottinger
    Former Edward R. Murrow Press Fellow, Former Edward R. Murrow Press Fellow
  • Robert McMahon
    Managing Editor

Show Notes

CFR's Edward R. Murrow Press Fellow Matt Pottinger and Editor Robert McMahon preview major world events in the week ahead.


EU governments squabble over Libya and a North Africa refugee crisis; former U.S. President Jimmy Carter visits North Korea; and Will and Kate tie the knot at Westminster Abbey.


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Climate Change

The UN Human Rights Council meets for a special session on the Iranian regime’s brutal crackdown on protesters; the COP27 conference draws to a close amid calls from developing countries to increase funding for climate damages; and the 2022 FIFA World Cup begins in Doha, Qatar, even as controversy lingers.

G20 (Group of Twenty)

The United States takes stock of the midterm election results; geopolitical tensions loom over the Group of Twenty summit in Bali, Indonesia; and conversation swirls around possible diplomacy between Russia and Ukraine.

Climate Change

Egypt hosts the COP27 climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt; Americans vote in closely watched midterm elections; and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, kicks off a month of summitry in Asia.

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Middle East and North Africa

The kafala system regulates the lives of tens of millions of migrant laborers in the Middle East, but growing outrage over human rights abuses, racism, and gender discrimination has fueled calls for reform.


Government leaders are optimistic that COVID-19 is becoming endemic, meaning more predictable and manageable. But many scientists say it’s too soon to behave like the pandemic is over.

Climate Change

The UN climate summit delivered on a loss and damage fund, but it fell short on goals to reduce emissions and avoid the worst consequences of climate change.