An Upbeat Economic Outlook for 2012

An Upbeat Economic Outlook for 2012

January 6, 2012 12:11 pm (EST)

An Upbeat Economic Outlook for 2012
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Byron Wien, Vice Chairman, Blackstone Advisory Partners, and Robert E. Rubin, CFR Co-Chairman and former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, discuss the global economic outlook for 2012 in relation to Wien’s 27th annual "Ten Surprises" list of probable economic, financial market, and political events. Wien expresses optimism regarding the U.S. economy, unemployment, and oil prices, as well as growth prospects for Europe, emerging markets, and the Middle East, while acknowledging the need for astute crisis management among European and U.S. leaders. Rubin says we’re in the most uncertain and complex period in recent history with respect to the U.S. and global economies, calling it a "serious test for democracies around the world." The full report is called, "Ten Surprises for 2012."

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