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Rachel George

Director, Education Content

Rachel George is Director for Education Content at the Council on Foreign Relations. She is also a Lecturing Fellow at Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy. She previously served as a Research Fellow at ODI in London. Her work has been published in outlets including Foreign Policy, World Politics Review, The Washington Quarterly, The National Interest, Human Rights Review, Think Global Health, and as chapters in The Arab Gulf States and the West: Perception and Misperception, Opportunities and Perils, and The Routledge History of Human Rights. Her forthcoming book explores the intersections of development and diplomacy. She holds a BA in Politics and French from Princeton University, an MA in Middle East Studies from Harvard University, and PhD in International Relations from the London School of Economics & Political Science.

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World 101

The goal of World101 is to make international relations and foreign policy compelling and accessible through instruction on how the world works and how international events and issues influence us all. Each module provides an overview of the topic and historical background for context, and explores implications for today's world.

Model Diplomcy

Model Diplomacy is a National Security Council simulation that engages students to understand the challenges of shaping and implementing foreign policy. With hypothetical case studies based on real-world issues and content informed by Council on Foreign Relations experts, Model Diplomacy is the most comprehensive and authoritative simulation program available. Students learn through a combination of independent research using multimedia resources and direct interaction with their teachers and peers.


Students today live in a world more connected than at any point in history, where fast-spreading viruses, carbon emissions, and scientific breakthroughs transcend borders. To successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead requires that they develop global literacy—the essential knowledge, skills, and perspective needed to understand how our complicated and fascinating world works.

Foreign Affairs

Published by the Council on Foreign Relations since 1922, just a year after the organization’s founding, Foreign Affairs has long been America’s leading forum for serious discussion of foreign policy and international affairs.


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