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U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland speaks at a news conference on June 25, 2021. Reuters/Ken Cedeno

Cyber Week in Review: May 20, 2022

Biden plans limits on foreign data transfers; Chinese hackers target Russian defense sector; EU proposes scanning end to end encryption; U.S. will not prosecute "good faith" hackers; China pledges support for digital economy. Read More

Cyber Proxies in the Ukraine Conflict: Implications for International Norms
Ukraine has openly leveraged proxies to launch cyberattacks against Russia and Belarus. The situation presents a potential roadblock for U.S. efforts to set norms in cyberspace.
Cyber Week in Review: March 18, 2022
NSA probes Viasat cyberattack; Intel to invest $36 billion in European factories; Russian VPN use has spiked; South African regulator launches inquiry into Meta; Zelenskyy deepfake circulates on social media.
Ukraine Offers Lessons for Russia’s 2024 Election Interference
Influencing U.S. policy toward Ukraine has long been a goal of Russian disinformation efforts. U.S. policymakers need to act now to prevent Russian election influence in 2024.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: March 11, 2022
    Internet firms exit Russia; APT41 targeting U.S. state governments; Conti ransomware internal logs leaked; DHS accused of bulk financial surveillance; Biden signs executive order on cryptocurrencies.
  • Cybersecurity
    Defining “Reasonable” Cybersecurity: Lessons From the States
    Understanding the state of cybersecurity in private companies is essential to forming a legal standard of reasonable cybersecurity at the state and local level.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: March 4, 2022
    New Chinese cyberespionage tool detected; Ericsson faces corruption scandal; social media companies crackdown on disinformation; OSINT plays key role in Ukraine conflict; Senate passes cybersecurity bill.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: February 25, 2022
    Twitter expands access to Safety Mode; Canada cracks down on crypto; Ukraine hit by wave of DDoS and wiper attacks; Iran considers new internet controls; old Equation Group backdoor exposed.
  • Kazakhstan
    The Consequences of Internet Shutdowns in Kazakhstan
    Despite high costs, both economically and socially, internet shutdowns will remain a tool for authoritarian leaders. Kazakhstan has long manipulated the internet to stifle dissent.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: February 18, 2022
    Texas sues meta over privacy breaches; CIA's data collection scrutinized; threat actor targets aviation industry; Cyber attacks hit Ukraine; Russian hackers infiltrate U.S. defense contractors.
  • Cybersecurity
    Cyber Week in Review: February 11, 2022
    Israel and EU launch inquiries into Pegasus spyware; News Corp discloses breach; North Korea using stolen crypto to fund missile program; IRS abandons facial recognition plan; Justice Department indicts Hytera.