Europe and Eurasia

  • Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabia’s Downsized Hajj, Turkey’s Hagia Sophia Transformation, and More
    Saudi Arabia hosts a scaled-down hajj, Turkey’s historic Hagia Sophia begins its reconversion into a mosque, and tensions mount over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.
  • Russia
    Foreign Affairs Live: A Conversation With Robert Gates
    Across the political spectrum, there is a belief that post–Cold War U.S. presidents have turned too often to the military to resolve challenges abroad. How could the United States move away from relying too heavily on the military as a tool of foreign policy, and strike a new balance to maintain a position of leadership? Council on Foreign Relations President Richard N. Haass hosts a conversation with former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates on how the United States should strengthen and wield its nonmilitary powers. For further reading, see “The Overmilitarization of American Foreign Policy” by Robert M. Gates in the July/August issue of Foreign Affairs, "The World After the Pandemic."
  • European Union
    Cyber Week in Review: July 16, 2020
    United Kingdom bans Huawei from 5G networks; Germany calls for first-ever use of EU cyber sanctions against Russian hackers; EU court sides with Apple on tax dispute; The United States, UK, and Canada accuse Russian cyber actors of trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine research; European Court of Justice strikes down EU-U.S. Data Privacy Shield; and Twitter falls victim to bitcoin scam targeting famous accounts.